Harnott in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Harnott
Thomas Harnott
Henry Harnott
William Harnott
James Harnott
George Harnott
Edgar Harnott
Wm. Harnott
Charles Harnott
Alfred Harnott
Mathew Harnott
Jacob Harnott
Harry Harnott
Fredk. Harnott
Ephraim Harnott
David Harnott
Benjamin Harnott
Robert Harnott
Joseph Harnott
Frederick Harnott

Top female forenames

Martha Harnott
Ann Harnott
Alice Harnott
Sarah Harnott
Emma Harnott
Mary Harnott
Annie Harnott
Margaret Harnott
Lilian Harnott
Kate Harnott
Isabell Harnott
Florence Harnott
Elizabeth Harnott
Catherine Harnott
Beatrice Harnott
Anna Harnott
Lucy Harnott
Amelia Harnott
Leah Harnott
Julia Harnott
Grace Harnott
Eleanor Harnott
Blanche Harnott

Top occupations

Farm Lab
Straw Plaiter
Railway Fireman
Cotton Weaver
Labourer Colliery
Weaver (Cotton)
Paster At Papermill
Matron In Charge Of House Of Refuge
Housekeeper (Domestic Servant)
Hotel Page
Grocers Porter
(Gardener's Wife)
Farmer Of 16 Acres
Engine Tenter
Drapers Assistant
Cotton Porter
Coal Carter
Cabinet Maker
Book Folder
Book Binder
At Home
Agricul Labour
Ag Lab