Halladay in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Halladay
James Halladay
George Halladay
William Halladay
Robert Halladay
Thomas Halladay
Charles Halladay
David Halladay
Frederick Halladay
Walter Halladay
Elliott Halladay
Ralph Halladay
Edwin Halladay
Joseph Halladay
Henry Halladay
Francis Halladay
Richard Halladay
Louis Halladay
Alfred Halladay
Abraham Halladay
Frank Halladay
Percival Halladay
Matthew Halladay
Arthur Halladay
Albert Halladay
Jas. Halladay
Elias Halladay
R. Halladay
Edward Halladay
Nathaniel Halladay

Top female forenames

Mary Halladay
Jane Halladay
Ellen Halladay
Eliza Halladay
Sarah Halladay
Elizabeth Halladay
Emma Halladay
Hannah Halladay
Amy Halladay
Alvina Halladay
Rosina Halladay
Florence Halladay
Minnie Halladay
Ann Halladay
Isabella Halladay
Alice Halladay
Wisley Halladay
Susanna Halladay
Harriet Halladay
Agnes Halladay
Rose Halladay
Margelina Halladay
Catherine Halladay
Mabel Halladay
Lawra Halladay
Amelia Halladay
Teresa Halladay
Rosey Halladay
Esther Halladay
Nelly Halladay
Emily Halladay
Matilda Halladay
Maria Halladay
Charlotte Halladay
Margaret Halladay
Caroline Halladay
Lydia Halladay

Top occupations

Mason & Bricklayer
Domestic Servant
Painter &
General Servent
Green Grocer
Parish Relief
Palor Maid Servant
Wife Of Manager
Headmaster (Board School)
Headmistress Board School
Inmate Of Almshouse
Labourer In Brickyard
Licenced Victualler
Lodging House Keeper
Manager Of Boot Shop
Farmer Of 15 Acres
Manuf Buckles Employing 17 Hands
Manufacturers Wife
Chelsea Pensioner
All Works (O)
Beerhouse Keeper
Block & Mast Maker
Boiler Smith
Box Maker (Ppr)
Brick Layer
Bricklayers Lab
Bricklayers Labourer
Cabinet Polisher (Mkr)
Captain Sailing Ship (Seaman)
General Domestic
Chelsea Pensioner Wife
Coachman ND
Coal Miner
Coal Porter At Gas Works
Commercial Clerk
Cook Domestic Serv
Cotton Mill Doubler
Cotton Piecer At Mill
Dress Maker
Agr Labr