Gwatkin in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Gwatkin
James Gwatkin
Thomas Gwatkin
William Gwatkin
Edwin Gwatkin
George Gwatkin
Henry Gwatkin
Robert Gwatkin
Albert Gwatkin
Peter Gwatkin
Edward Gwatkin
Charles Gwatkin
Richard Gwatkin
Francis Gwatkin
Paul Gwatkin
Joseph Gwatkin
Jno. Gwatkin
Edmunt Gwatkin
Horace Gwatkin
Charley Gwatkin
Wallace Gwatkin
Benjn. Gwatkin
Tom Gwatkin
Arthur Gwatkin
G.R. Gwatkin
Reynolds Gwatkin
Frank Gwatkin
A.J.C. Gwatkin
Evan Gwatkin
Owen Gwatkin
Eliza Gwatkin
Daniel Gwatkin
Herbert Gwatkin
Velters Gwatkin
Harry Gwatkin
Benjamin Gwatkin
Geo. Gwatkin
Alfred Gwatkin
Frederick Gwatkin
Abraham Gwatkin
R.W. Gwatkin
Ernest Gwatkin

Top female forenames

Mary Gwatkin
Jane Gwatkin
Elizabeth Gwatkin
Ann Gwatkin
Annie Gwatkin
Laura Gwatkin
Louisa Gwatkin
Florence Gwatkin
Martha Gwatkin
Emma Gwatkin
Lily Gwatkin
Eliza Gwatkin
Sarah Gwatkin
Fanny Gwatkin
Anne Gwatkin
Alice Gwatkin
Julia Gwatkin
Clancy Gwatkin
Nelly Gwatkin
Hannah Gwatkin
Catherine Gwatkin
Milly Gwatkin
C.C.L. Gwatkin
Ethel Gwatkin
Margaret Gwatkin
Lucinda Gwatkin
Ellen Gwatkin
Amelia Gwatkin
Agnes Gwatkin
Edith Gwatkin
Rhoda Gwatkin
Clara Gwatkin
Polena Gwatkin
Harrath Gwatkin
Charlotte Gwatkin
Minnie Gwatkin
Gertrude Gwatkin
C.M. Gwatkin
Benedicta Gwatkin
Marion Gwatkin
Esther Gwatkin
Lydia Gwatkin
Emily Gwatkin
Amy Gwatkin
Sarahann Gwatkin
Lilian Gwatkin
Elen Gwatkin
Rosa Gwatkin
Cornelia Gwatkin
Rachel Gwatkin

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Domestic Servant
Labourer Ag
Farmer Son
Farm Servant (Indoor)
General Lab
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Gardener (Dom)
Ag Lab
Ag Laborer
Agricultural Labourer
No Oc
Tin Worker
No Occupation Income From Divd
Blacksmiths Labr
In Receipt Of Income From Dividends
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 8 Acres
Fathers Housekeeper (Dom)
General Laborer
General Serv Domestic
General Servant
General Servant Dom
Grocers Assistant
Grocers Shopman
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Inmate Of Almhouse
Farmer 34 Acres
Washer Woman
Brewers Labr
British Major ((Late East India Company Service))
Builders Daughter
Builders Wife
Carpenters Wife
Coach Builder
Coal Miners Wife
Cook Domestic Servant
Dom Serv Housemaid