Grewcock in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Grewcock
Joseph Grewcock
Thomas Grewcock
John Grewcock
George Grewcock
Walter Grewcock
James Grewcock
David Grewcock
Charles Grewcock
Henry Grewcock
Godfrey Grewcock
Arthur Grewcock
Elijah Grewcock
Alfred Grewcock
Frederick Grewcock
Oliver Grewcock
Edwin Grewcock
Christopher Grewcock
Harry Grewcock
Amos Grewcock
Samuel Grewcock
Aquila Grewcock
Sidney Grewcock
Robert Grewcock
Frank Grewcock
Enos Grewcock
Lewis Grewcock
Wm. Grewcock
Whelstone Grewcock
Fred Grewcock
Phoebe Grewcock
Flude Grewcock
Nathl. Grewcock
Joshua Grewcock
Edward Grewcock
Jonathan Grewcock
Daniel Grewcock
Jethro Grewcock

Top female forenames

Mary Grewcock
Elizabeth Grewcock
Sarah Grewcock
Emma Grewcock
Ann Grewcock
Annie Grewcock
Eliza Grewcock
Jane Grewcock
Ellen Grewcock
Ada Grewcock
Harriet Grewcock
Martha Grewcock
Clara Grewcock
Hannah Grewcock
Alice Grewcock
Louisa Grewcock
Sophia Grewcock
Emily Grewcock
Susannah Grewcock
Florence Grewcock
Minnie Grewcock
Eunice Grewcock
Marian Grewcock
Janet Grewcock
Clary Grewcock
William Grewcock
Hepzibah Grewcock
Catherine Grewcock
Bridget Grewcock
Rebekah Grewcock
Frances Grewcock
Beatrice Grewcock
Patience Grewcock
Faith Grewcock
Maude Grewcock
Ethel Grewcock
Agnes Grewcock
Lucy Grewcock
Lizzie Grewcock
Edith Grewcock
Helena Grewcock
Caroline Grewcock
Betsy Grewcock
Priscilla Grewcock

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farm Laborer
Schoolmaster Wife
Farm Serv Indoor
Market Gardener
Farm Labourer
Domestic Serv
General Serv
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Hose Machine Hand
Farm Labr
Shoehand Rivetter
Farm Serv
Farm Servant
Shoehand Fitter
General Servant
Gardener Daughter
Cotton Throwsterer
Hosiery Factory
Shoehand Finisher
Brewer's Labourer
2nd Cap Foretop
Gardener Of 15 Acres Land Employing 1 Man
Ag Lab Farmer Of (12 Acres) Grocer
Game Keeper
Agent Cake Manures &c
Farmers Wife
Farmers Servant
Farmer 267 Acres 6 Men 1 Boy
Farm Servant Indoor
Bank Clerk
Bank Clerk Wife
Domestic Cook
Butcher & C
Farm Laborer (Waggoner)
Wife Of Singer
Coal Miner
Engine Fitter Wife
Engine Fitter
Collerey Labourer (Coal Miner)