Grave in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Grave
William Grave
Joseph Grave
George Grave
James Grave
Thomas Grave
Robert Grave
Charles Grave
Alfred Grave
Ernest Grave
Stephen Grave
Jonathan Grave
Edward Grave
Daniel Grave
Albert Grave
Arthur Grave
Fletcher Grave
Samuel Grave
Percy Grave
Frederick Grave
Lewis Grave
Walter Grave
Henry Grave
Reuben Grave
Fredk Grave
Peat Grave
Frederic Grave
Benjamin Grave
Mark Grave
Leonard Grave
Francis Grave
Tom Grave
Jno.Wm. Grave
Adam Grave
Isaac Grave
Richd. Grave
Fredrick Grave
Christopher Grave
Bernard Grave
Norris Grave
Freddie Grave
Benj. Grave
Frank Grave
Austin Grave
Foster Grave
Andrew Grave
F.C. Grave
Edwin Grave
Simion Grave
Douglas Grave

Top female forenames

Mary Grave
Sarah Grave
Elizabeth Grave
Jane Grave
Annie Grave
Ellen Grave
Eliza Grave
Alice Grave
Hannah Grave
Martha Grave
Emma Grave
Maria Grave
Edith Grave
Ann Grave
Frances Grave
Ruth Grave
Kate Grave
Fanny Grave
Catherine Grave
Anna Grave
Harriet Grave
Lucy Grave
Ada Grave
Grace Grave
Laura Grave
Rachael Grave
Clara Grave
Matilda Grave
Isabella Grave
Emily Grave
Anne Grave
Margaret Grave
Louisa Grave
Sophia Grave
Florence Grave
Ethel Grave
Margreat Grave
Zilian Grave
Susannah Grave
Elice Grave
Lizzie Grave
Deborah Grave
Julia Grave
Mrs. Grave
Jeanneth Grave
Enid Grave
Bolivia Grave
Bertha Grave
Hellen Grave
Margt. Grave

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Labr
Cotton Weaver
Farmers Son
Pencil Maker (Wood)
Domestic Servant
Farmers Daur
Farm Laborer
School Girl
Corn Miller
Cotton Frame Tenter
Stone Mason
School Teacher
Farmers Daughter
Chimney Sweep
House Keeper
General Servant
Cotton Fustian Cutter
Assistant (Sweep) (Soot Mercht)
Driller In Iron Works
Dressmaker Employing 3 Assists
Bobbin & Hoop Manufacturer
Domestic Serv
Boot Maker
Bricklayers Lab
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Packer
Butcher & Farmer (30 Acres)
Chimney Sweeper Employing 1 Man
Butcher Wife
Carver In Wood
Charwoman (16)
Coal Miners Wife
Coachman Dom
Clerk To Cemertry Co