Gratham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Gratham
Thomas Gratham
Henry Gratham
Edward Gratham
Arthur Gratham
Frank Gratham
Elijah Gratham
William Gratham
Preston Gratham
Harry Gratham
Fred Gratham
F. Gratham
Edwin Gratham
C. Gratham
H. Gratham
Frederick Gratham

Top female forenames

Eliza Gratham
Mary Gratham
Annie Gratham
Lucy Gratham
Alice Gratham
Amelia Gratham
Sarah Gratham
Minnie Gratham
Angelina Gratham
Jessie Gratham
Honorella Gratham
Esther Gratham
Ellen Gratham
S. Gratham
Olive Gratham
Edith Gratham
Milly Gratham
Caroline Gratham
Martha Gratham
Ann Gratham
Louisa Gratham
Jane Gratham
Euphanie Gratham
Emily Gratham
Elizabeth Gratham
Roseth Gratham
Elisha Gratham
Charlotte Gratham

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Weaver In Cotton Mill
Waterman & Lighterman
Secretary To India Rubber Works
Pupil Teacher
Publicans Wife
Publican & Carrier
Officers Wife
Just Done School (No Occ)
Iron Moulder
Housekeeper To Family
Horse Collar Maker
Grocers Assistant
Grocer & Draper Wife
Grocer & Draper
Greengrocers Boy
General Servant
Domestic Servant
Assistant In Shop (Grocer)