Gillmore in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Gillmore
John Gillmore
George Gillmore
James Gillmore
Thomas Gillmore
Charles Gillmore
Joseph Gillmore
Edward Gillmore
Henry Gillmore
Herbert Gillmore
Samuel Gillmore
Richard Gillmore
Michael Gillmore
Alfred Gillmore
Frank Gillmore
Arthur Gillmore
Harry Gillmore
Patrick Gillmore
Frederick Gillmore
Matthew Gillmore
David Gillmore
Isaac Gillmore
Robert Gillmore
Peter Gillmore
Alexandra Gillmore
Parker Gillmore
Albert Gillmore
Murray Gillmore
Geo. Gillmore
Fred Gillmore
Wm. Gillmore
Lily Gillmore
Edwd. Gillmore
Walter Gillmore
Douglas Gillmore
Daniel Gillmore
Infant Gillmore
Benjamin Gillmore
Horatio Gillmore
Alexander Gillmore
Nathaniel Gillmore
Mungo Gillmore
Wm.H. Gillmore
Thos. Gillmore
Jno. Gillmore
Sidney Gillmore
Hugh Gillmore

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Gillmore
Mary Gillmore
Anne Gillmore
Jane Gillmore
Margaret Gillmore
Ellen Gillmore
Alice Gillmore
Agnes Gillmore
Eliza Gillmore
Charlotte Gillmore
Catherine Gillmore
Florence Gillmore
Ann Gillmore
Fanny Gillmore
Elisabeth Gillmore
Martha Gillmore
Hannah Gillmore
M. Gillmore
Esther Gillmore
Emily Gillmore
Sarah Gillmore
Edith Gillmore
Maria Gillmore
Annie Gillmore
Emma Gillmore
Amy Gillmore
Jessie Gillmore
Elizth.Ellen Gillmore
Phobe Gillmore
Matilda Gillmore
Ada Gillmore
Helena Gillmore
Harriett Gillmore
Margt.J. Gillmore
Bridget Gillmore
Tereas Gillmore
Beatrice Gillmore
Lilian Gillmore
Sophia Gillmore
Katherine Gillmore
Julia Gillmore
Ella Gillmore
Rose Gillmore
Amelia Gillmore
Janet Gillmore
Elizth. Gillmore
Phillis Gillmore
Isabella Gillmore
Helen Gillmore
Harriet Gillmore

Top occupations

General Labourer
Labourer (Agric)
Boot Finisher
Cork Sorter
C Jack Tenting
Pupil Teacher
Domestic Servant
General Servant
Wife To Boot & Shoe Maker
Engine Man (22-2)
Engine Fitter At Paper Works
Coachman Wife
Coachman's Wife
Engine Driver
Commercial Traveller
Domestic 1st Class
Cook Domestic Servant
Cotton Dyer
Curate Of Durweston
Curate Of Holy Trinity
Bobbin Turner (Wood)
(Widow Of Rigger In Portsmouth Dockyard)
Ag Lab
Apprentice Brick Setting
Apprentice Plumbing
Asylum Attendant
Bank Clerk
Baptist Ministers Wife
Barmaid (Dom Serv)
Beer Seller
Benjal Civil Service Retired List
Cloth Mill Doffer
Boilermaker At Raily Wks
Boilermaker At Raily Wks Wife
Boot & Shoe Maker
Bricklayers Labourer
Civil Engineers Assistant