Fischer in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Fischer
Frederick Fischer
August Fischer
George Fischer
Henry Fischer
William Fischer
John Fischer
Richard Fischer
Herbert Fischer
Max Fischer
Harry Fischer
Gustav Fischer
Robert Fischer
Ferdinand Fischer
Ernest Fischer
Oswald Fischer
Edwin Fischer
Henrich Fischer
Conrad Fischer
Louis Fischer
Thos. Fischer
Kaspar Fischer
H.F. Fischer
Theodore Fischer
Bernhard Fischer
Joseph Fischer
Rudolf Fischer
Adolphus Fischer
Johannes Fischer
Jean Fischer
Fredrick Fischer
Peter Fischer
Jacot Fischer
Otto Fischer
Hermann Fischer
Emil Fischer
Maximilian Fischer
Edward Fischer
Ludwig Fischer
Heinrich Fischer
Christian Fischer
Leopold Fischer
Harold Fischer
Thomas Fischer
Carl Fischer
Julius Fischer
Gustave Fischer
T. Fischer
Gottfried Fischer
Rowland Fischer

Top female forenames

Mary Fischer
Jane Fischer
Elizabeth Fischer
Florence Fischer
Annie Fischer
Eliza Fischer
Martha Fischer
Anne Fischer
Theresa Fischer
Alice Fischer
Helena Fischer
Adeline Fischer
Sarah Fischer
Clara Fischer
Catherine Fischer
Marie Fischer
Anna Fischer
Maria Fischer
Agnes Fischer
Auguste Fischer
Kate Fischer
Ellen Fischer
Maud Fischer
Antonia Fischer
Isabella Fischer
Valentina Fischer
Elise Fischer
Marianne Fischer
Ann Fischer
Henrietta Fischer
Edith Fischer
Margaret Fischer
Sophie Fischer
Dora Fischer
Lydia Fischer
Harriett Fischer
Lina Fischer
Rosina Fischer
Letty Fischer
Emma Fischer
Paulina Fischer
Bertha Fischer
Katherina Fischer
Emilienne Fischer
Mauriel Fischer
Antonie Fischer
Josephine Fischer
Elizth. Fischer
J.S. Fischer
Hermine Fischer

Top occupations

Watch Maker
Domestic Servant
Deputy Coal Miner Wife
Deputy ? Coal Miner
Domestic Servant Buttery
Decorative Painter
Decorative House Painter Unemployed
Cotton Piecener
Working Jeweller
Domestic Servant Cook
Governess (Teacher)
Glass Painter
Foreign Governess (T)
Florist 4 Men
Export Merchant
Engineers Clerk
Engineer In Factory E&M
Employed In Russian Embassy (No Occ)
Employed In Bag Warehouse
Commerc Clk
Colonels Wife
Clock Maker
Assistant Master (School)
Artist Painter
Artist And Retoucher (Pr 3/7)
Agent For Hardware
Actuary Assistant
Able Seaman
Barrister In Actual Practis
Builders Clerk
Clerk In Varnish Factory
Clerk In General Merchants Office
Clerk East India Broker
Civil Service Telegraph Clerk
Civil Servant G P O Telegraph Dept
Cigar Maker
Chanceleny Servant (Dom)
Cabinet Maker