Falle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Falle
Philip Falle
Elias Falle
Thomas Falle
George Falle
William Falle
Edward Falle
Alfred Falle
Hugh Falle
Clement Falle
Arthur Falle
Joshua Falle
Bertram Falle
Percy Falle
Adolphus Falle
Henry Falle
Geo. Falle
Samuel Falle
Phillip Falle
Albert Falle
J. Falle
Herbert Falle
Walter Falle
Francis Falle
Theodore Falle
Edwin Falle
Rev.Ed.M.A. Falle
Daniel Falle
Philippe Falle

Top female forenames

Mary Falle
Jane Falle
Ann Falle
Eliza Falle
Alice Falle
Elizabeth Falle
Annie Falle
Edith Falle
Anne Falle
Louisa Falle
Ellen Falle
Susan Falle
Maria Falle
Harriet Falle
Fanny Falle
Clara Falle
Marguerite Falle
Ellinore Falle
Anna Falle
Julia Falle
Elizth. Falle
Isabelle Falle
Susannah Falle
Ada Falle
Helen Falle
Eleonore Falle
Stella Falle
G. Falle
Rebecca Falle
Florence Falle
Delphina Falle
Nora Falle
Evelyn Falle
Cecilia Falle
Esther Falle
Blanche Falle
Margt. Falle
Emma Falle
Elize Falle
Albina Falle
Hellen Falle
Eleanore Falle
Sophia Falle
Francoise Falle
E. Falle
Rachel Falle
Ethel Falle
Carterette Falle
Emmilia Falle
Margarite Falle

Top occupations

General Servant
Assistant Draper
Dress Maker
Farmer Wife
General Servant Domestic
Shoe Maker
Tailoress Employing 2 Hands
Proprietress Of Ladies School
Income From Houses & Dividends
Kitchen Maid
Landed Proprietor
House Keeper
Linen Draper Employing 3 Female Assists & 1 Boy
Linen Draper Employing 4 Femal & 2 Male Assistants
Magistrate Royal Court Jersey
Maid Of All Work
Mariners Wife
Farmer Son
General Serv
Formerly Jewellers Assistant
Connetable & Sollicitor
(Sea) Mate
(Teacher) School
Ag Labourer
Baker (Master Employing 2 Men)
Victualler (Licensed)
Clerk Commercial
Coffe Tavern Keeper
Formerly Dressmaker
Curate Of Holy Trinity (Clergy)
Domestic Servt Housemaid
Farmer 10 Acres
Farmer Of 18 Acres
Farmer Of 20 Acres Employ 1 Man & Boy
Farmer Of About 15 Acres
Farmer Of About 16 Acres
Farmers Son