Elleray in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Elleray
George Elleray
James Elleray
William Elleray
Robert Elleray
Charles Elleray
Joseph Elleray
Alfred Elleray
Frederic Elleray
Thomas Elleray
Daniel Elleray
Rowland Elleray
Thos. Elleray
Roland Elleray
Richard Elleray
Albert Elleray
Mathew Elleray
Tom Elleray
Barton Elleray
Alexander Elleray
Percy Elleray
Mason Elleray
Wm. Elleray
Henry Elleray
Walter Elleray
Frederick Elleray
Edwin Elleray
Stephen Elleray

Top female forenames

Mary Elleray
Jane Elleray
Annie Elleray
Ann Elleray
Edith Elleray
Agnes Elleray
Elizabeth Elleray
Grace Elleray
Ada Elleray
Emily Elleray
Ellen Elleray
Emma Elleray
Eleanor Elleray
Margaret Elleray
Agness Elleray
Frances Elleray
Fanny Elleray
Violet Elleray
Sarah Elleray
Elenor Elleray
Maria Elleray
Clara Elleray
Gertrude Elleray
Florence Elleray
Ellenor Elleray
Susan Elleray
Nancy Elleray
Martha Elleray
Dora Elleray

Top occupations

Loco Engine Fitter At Works
General Labourer
Printer Compositor
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Music Teacher
Grocers Wife
House Porter
Income From Land
Iron Ore Miner
Labourer General
General Domestic Duties
No Occupation
Office Boy
Plumbers Apprentice
Railway Carriage Builder
Retired Grocer
Retired Plumber
Spirit Merchants Clerk
Wollen Dyer
Corn Miller
Apprentice Grocer
Assistant (Dom Ser)
Blk & White Smith Out Of Employment
Boot Maker
Boot Maker Wife
Bus Driver Cabman
Carpenter At Iron Mines
Carpet Weaver
Farm Serv Indoors
Farm Servant
Farmer 24 Acres
Farmer Of 375 Ac Employ 2 Men
Farmer Of 80 Acres Employg 1 Man
Farmers Daur
Formerly Dressmaker
Gen Lab
General Lab