Ecles in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Ecles
William Ecles
James Ecles
George Ecles
Francis Ecles
Stephen Ecles
Thomas Ecles
Charles Ecles
Tom Ecles
Robert Ecles
Benj. Ecles
Joseph Ecles
Anthony Ecles
Henry Ecles
Frederic Ecles
Edwin Ecles
David Ecles
Samuel Ecles
Benjamin Ecles
Ralph Ecles
Arthur Ecles
Howard Ecles
Harry Ecles
Frederick Ecles
Walter Ecles
Edwd. Ecles
Simpson Ecles

Top female forenames

Mary Ecles
Annie Ecles
Isabella Ecles
Alice Ecles
Maria Ecles
Elizabeth Ecles
Sarah Ecles
Margaret Ecles
Eliza Ecles
Rebecca Ecles
Esther Ecles
Emily Ecles
Kate Ecles
Sophia Ecles
Jane Ecles
Helen Ecles
Emma Ecles
Ellen Ecles
Betty Ecles
Selina Ecles
Hannah Ecles
Rachael Ecles
Francis Ecles
Nancy Ecles
Lizzie Ecles
Clara Ecles
Caroline Ecles
Beatrice Ecles
Ann Ecles
Rachel Ecles
Grace Ecles
Patience Ecles
Fanny Ecles
Maud Ecles
Martha Ecles
Leah Ecles
Charlotte Ecles
Josiah Ecles

Top occupations

Lead Miner
Bankers Clerk
Cotton Operative
Domestic Servant
Housekeeper Dom
Income From Funds & Other Property
Income From Railway & Mines
Innkeepers Son
Innkeepers Wife
Ironstone Miner
Labourer General
Lieut R N
Genl Labourer
No Occupation
Pattern Maker For Mechanic (Artz)
Railway Labourer
Saddler Emply 1 Man & 1 Boy
Sapper RE
School Master
Wife Of Above
Farm Servant Indoor
Baker & Grocer
Baker Unemployed
Brass Musical Instrument Maker
Brassfounders App
Builders Clerk
Clicker (Boot)
Drapers Assisant
Grocers Assist (Servant)
Farmers Servant (Indoors)
Fellowship Porter
Game Keeper
Gardener (Dom)
Gardener (N D)
Gardener Wife
Gardner Daughter
General Serv
General Servant Domestic