Eastment in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Eastment
William Eastment
John Eastment
George Eastment
Samuel Eastment
Charles Eastment
Henry Eastment
Francis Eastment
Thomas Eastment
Albert Eastment
Ernest Eastment
Richard Eastment
Joseph Eastment
Edward Eastment
Robert Eastment
Reuben Eastment
Frank Eastment
Walter Eastment
Isaac Eastment
Arthur Eastment
Alfred Eastment
Tom Eastment
Job Eastment
Hubert Eastment
Benjamin Eastment
Frederick Eastment
Allan Eastment
Owen Eastment
Wm. Eastment
Mary Eastment
Fk.J. Eastment
Thos. Eastment
Eli Eastment
Edmund Eastment
Rt.C. Eastment
Daniel Eastment
Robt. Eastment
Gerald Eastment
Reginald Eastment
Franklin Eastment
Nathaniel Eastment
Esau Eastment
Elijah Eastment
Isace Eastment
Saml. Eastment
Edgar Eastment
Rt. Eastment
Harry Eastment
Christopher Eastment
Georgey Eastment

Top female forenames

Mary Eastment
Elizabeth Eastment
Emily Eastment
Jane Eastment
Martha Eastment
Eliza Eastment
Ann Eastment
Sarah Eastment
Susan Eastment
Ellen Eastment
Annie Eastment
Hester Eastment
Harriet Eastment
Fanny Eastment
Kate Eastment
Emma Eastment
Alice Eastment
Theresa Eastment
Catherine Eastment
Florence Eastment
Louisa Eastment
Eva Eastment
Rose Eastment
Bessie Eastment
Katherine Eastment
Rhoda Eastment
Harriett Eastment
Gertrude Eastment
Frances Eastment
Betsy Eastment
Rosanna Eastment
Elizh. Eastment
Millicent Eastment
Amelia Eastment
Maud Eastment
Constance Eastment
Georgina Eastment
Marth Eastment
Carrie Eastment
Ester Eastment
Beatrice Eastment
Julia Eastment
Rachel Eastment
Arthurena Eastment
Jean Eastment
Elizh.H. Eastment
Nelly Eastment
Honour Eastment
Mercy Eastment
Alma Eastment

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Servant
Agricultural Laborer
General Serv
General Laborer
Farm Laborer
Domestic Servant
Farm Servant
Manchester Warehouseman
Gas Fitter
Tow Factory Hand (Ft)
Gen Serv
General Serv Domestic
Fathers Assistant (Farmer)
General Servant (Domestic)
Farmer Emply 7 Men & 4 Boys
General Servant Domestic
Glove Maker
Groom (N D)
Drapery Apprentice
Cartar (Ag)
Able Seaman
Ag Labourer
Bank Messenger
Bank Messenger Wife
Bankers Clerk
Wife Of Laborer
Butchers Lab
Carder At Cloth Factory
Carpenter & Wheelwright
Farm Boy
Certificated Schoolmistress
Coal Miner
Collar Cutter (Shirt)
Donkey Driver (Animal Kpr)