Duplock in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Duplock
Henry Duplock
William Duplock
John Duplock
James Duplock
Harry Duplock
Thomas Duplock
Arthur Duplock
Alfred Duplock
Samuel Duplock
Peter Duplock
Joseph Duplock
Isaac Duplock
Charles Duplock
David Duplock
Frederick Duplock
F. Duplock
Ebenezer Duplock
Geo. Duplock
Walter Duplock
Tom Duplock
Edgar Duplock
Stanley Duplock
Edmond Duplock
Roland Duplock
Richard Duplock
R. Duplock
Ernest Duplock
Mansah Duplock
Luther Duplock
E. Duplock
Cecil Duplock
Frank Duplock
Aaron Duplock

Top female forenames

Mary Duplock
Emily Duplock
Sarah Duplock
Elizabeth Duplock
Annie Duplock
Esther Duplock
Eliza Duplock
Alice Duplock
Jane Duplock
Rose Duplock
Philadelphia Duplock
Ellen Duplock
Charlotte Duplock
Margaret Duplock
Maria Duplock
Louisa Duplock
Lydia Duplock
Emliy Duplock
Marian Duplock
Maud Duplock
Philad.A. Duplock
Phoebe Duplock
Rhoda Duplock
Rosa Duplock
Salley Duplock
Sally Duplock
Thomasina Duplock
Caroline Duplock
Ada Duplock
Amanda Duplock
Ann Duplock
Anna Duplock
Anne Duplock
Beatrice Duplock
Bessie Duplock
C. Duplock
Kate Duplock
Carry Duplock
Clara Duplock
E. Duplock
Edith Duplock
Emely Duplock
Abigail Duplock
Harriett Duplock

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Carter Mate Ag
Housekeeper Dom
House Decorator
Labour (Bricklayer)
Laborer Carpenter
Kitchenmaid Pauper
Housemaid Dom
House Proprietor
Manager Spice Factory
Ho Profession Income From House Property
Grocer (Assistant)
Genl Serv Domestic
Genl Domestic Serv
Labourer Regl
Laundress (No Occupation)
General Serv Domestic
Music Teacher
Pensioner (Leath Sellers Co)
Plumber Master Employing 5 Men
Printers Manager
Private (Income)
Railway Carman
Shepherd Wife
Wife Of Game Keeper
Wife Of Shepherd
Clerk Admiralty (C S Off)
Agricultural Labourer (Pauper)
Banker's Clerk
Booksellers Apprentice
Bricklayers Widow
Builder Employing 10 Men 4 Boys
Builder Employing 5 Men 1 Boy
Builders Wife
Carpenter & Joiner
Char Woman
Chemists Appr
General Servant Domestic
Coachman Domestic Serv