Dupen in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Dupen
Thomas Dupen
John Dupen
George Dupen
Charles Dupen
Thos. Dupen
Aquila Dupen
T.A. Dupen
Albert Dupen
Sharrock Dupen
Joseph Dupen
H.W. Dupen
Geo. Dupen
Wm. Dupen
Edward Dupen
Thos.Geo. Dupen
Arther Dupen
Alfred Dupen
Shenock Dupen
Peter Dupen
J.J. Dupen
Wm.Jas. Dupen
G.M. Dupen
Vivian Dupen

Top female forenames

Sarah Dupen
Joana Dupen
Harriet Dupen
Eliza Dupen
Julia Dupen
Charlotte Dupen
Mary Dupen
Anna Dupen
M.A.E. Dupen
Alice Dupen
Emma Dupen
Sophie Dupen
Ellen Dupen
S.A.A. Dupen
Clare Dupen
N. Dupen
Annie Dupen
Margaret Dupen
Ann Dupen
Hester Dupen
Esther Dupen
Susan Dupen
Elsie Dupen
Selena Dupen
Elizth. Dupen
Salome Dupen
Dora Dupen
Rebecca Dupen

Top occupations

Silk Weaver
Private Teacher
Marine Engineers Wife
Undertakers Boy (Mess)
Silk Winder
Silk Weaveress
Seaman Wife
School Mistress (Private School)
Out Of Employ
A B (Rigger)
Licensed Victualler
House Decorator
General Servant
Fancy Trimming (Mkr)
Clothiers Cutter
Carpenter & Joiner
Bricklayers Labourer
Assistant Teacher