Dunhill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Dunhill
John Dunhill
Thomas Dunhill
Richard Dunhill
George Dunhill
Joseph Dunhill
Walter Dunhill
Alfred Dunhill
Robert Dunhill
Henry Dunhill
Charles Dunhill
Earnest Dunhill
James Dunhill
Samuel Dunhill
Frederick Dunhill
Edward Dunhill
Chas. Dunhill
Wm. Dunhill
Hy. Dunhill
Ben Dunhill
Sidney Dunhill
Sam Dunhill
Geo.Hawley Dunhill
Robinson Dunhill
Fredr.Jas. Dunhill
Fred Dunhill
Mathew Dunhill
Edwin Dunhill
Hibbert Dunhill
Arthur Dunhill
Harry Dunhill
Albert Dunhill
Geo.Thos.Hawley Dunhill
Robt. Dunhill
Geo. Dunhill
Percy Dunhill
Frank Dunhill
Jn. Dunhill

Top female forenames

Mary Dunhill
Sarah Dunhill
Elizabeth Dunhill
Annie Dunhill
Martha Dunhill
Ann Dunhill
Jane Dunhill
Eliza Dunhill
Ellen Dunhill
Hannah Dunhill
Rebecca Dunhill
Emily Dunhill
Emma Dunhill
Alice Dunhill
Elizth. Dunhill
Florence Dunhill
Maria Dunhill
Sushannah Dunhill
Lilly Dunhill
Susanah Dunhill
Kathrine Dunhill
Elizth.Ann Dunhill
Julia Dunhill
Elizebeth Dunhill
Ruth Dunhill
Harriet Dunhill
Edith Dunhill
Matilda Dunhill
Frances Dunhill
Christiana Dunhill
Florance Dunhill
Catherine Dunhill
Lucy Dunhill
Eva Dunhill
Tamer Dunhill
Barbara Dunhill
Lily Dunhill
Susannah Dunhill
Kesiah Dunhill
Elizth.M. Dunhill
Susan Dunhill
Kate Dunhill
Agnes Dunhill
Sara Dunhill
Jessie Dunhill
Rose Dunhill
Henderine Dunhill
Eleanor Dunhill
Maud Dunhill
Dinah Dunhill

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Cabinet Maker
Assistant Dealer In Pianofortes
Farm Lab
Domestic Servant
Teacher Of Music
Tool Maker (Cartridge Wks)
Coal Miner
Ag Labr
Blanket Weaver
Farmer Of 130 Acres
Factory Smith
Blanket Piecer
Farm Lab Unemployed
Farm Labourer
Farm Labourer Ag
Farm Serv Domestic
Estate Agent
Farmer Of 805 Acres Employing 8 Labs & 10 Servants
Farmer Of 9 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer Of 99 Acres
Agri Lab
Flour Mill Garrett Man
Formerly Charwoman
French Polisher
Ag La
Commercial Clerk
Cartridge Capper
Cartridge Cutter
Carriers Agent
Clock Maker
Wife Of Retired Woolen Dyer
Commisionaire Pew AHC
Cook Domestic
Dealer In Pianofortes
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant (Inn Ser)