Dungworth in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Dungworth
John Dungworth
Joseph Dungworth
Thomas Dungworth
Arthur Dungworth
William Dungworth
Samuel Dungworth
Henry Dungworth
Albert Dungworth
Walter Dungworth
Geo. Dungworth
James Dungworth
Frederick Dungworth
Charles Dungworth
Herbert Dungworth
Joshua Dungworth
Fred. Dungworth
Jonathan Dungworth
Edwin Dungworth
Robert Dungworth
Fred Dungworth
Joe Dungworth
Saml. Dungworth
Maurice Dungworth
Alfred Dungworth
Addy Dungworth
Frances Dungworth
Johathan Dungworth
F. Dungworth
Wilfred Dungworth
Tom Dungworth
Isaac Dungworth
Earnest Dungworth
Ths. Dungworth
Hope Dungworth
Bernard Dungworth
Benaiah Dungworth
Andrew Dungworth
Luke Dungworth
Wm. Dungworth
Fairwell Dungworth
Wilfrid Dungworth
Ernest Dungworth
J.W. Dungworth
Edward Dungworth
Titus Dungworth
I. Dungworth
Benj. Dungworth
Harry Dungworth

Top female forenames

Sarah Dungworth
Mary Dungworth
Elizabeth Dungworth
Ellen Dungworth
Lucy Dungworth
Annie Dungworth
Alice Dungworth
Eliza Dungworth
Hannah Dungworth
Ann Dungworth
Ada Dungworth
Clara Dungworth
Emma Dungworth
Agnes Dungworth
Rhoda Dungworth
Polly Dungworth
Maria Dungworth
Jane Dungworth
Rose Dungworth
Gertrude Dungworth
Florence Dungworth
Lizzie Dungworth
Julia Dungworth
Sophia Dungworth
Jennette Dungworth
Rosie Dungworth
Henrietta Dungworth
Edith Dungworth
Harriet Dungworth
Cicley Dungworth
Grace Dungworth
C.E. Dungworth
Frances Dungworth
Bertha Dungworth
Fanny Dungworth
Anne Dungworth
Esther Dungworth
L. Dungworth
Emaline Dungworth
Theresa Dungworth
Adeliza Dungworth
Jessie Dungworth
Elizth. Dungworth
Helen Dungworth
Priscilla Dungworth
Christiana Dungworth
Matilda Dungworth
Bessey Dungworth
Martha Dungworth
Lydia Dungworth

Top occupations

Saw Handle Maker
Scissor Forger
Table Blade Cutler
Farmers Son
(Horn Presser Table Knife Handler)
Domestic Servant
Metal Smith (Wkr)
Coal Miner
Formerly Laundress
Saw Handle Maker Wife
General Servant
Horn Presser Table Knife Handler
Horn Presser Table Knife Handler Wife
Ag Lab
Saw Smith
General Laborer
French Polisher
File Scourer
General Serv
File Cutter
Grocers Assistant
Grocers Warehouseman
Furnace Man (Fireman)
Wood Turner
Farmer Of 28 Acres
(Scissors Grinder)
Ag Labourer
Assistant (Draper)
Assistants Ag Lab
Blade Striker
Brewers Agent
Engineers Turner
Coal Higgler
Commercial Clerk Steel Trade
Domestic Serv Cook
Dressmaker Assistant
Edge Tool Forger