Dominy in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Dominy
Charles Dominy
John Dominy
William Dominy
Harry Dominy
Thomas Dominy
Frederick Dominy
Henry Dominy
Arthur Dominy
James Dominy
Walter Dominy
Robert Dominy
Richard Dominy
Joseph Dominy
Alfred Dominy
Phillip Dominy
Albert Dominy
Francis Dominy
Timothy Dominy
Edward Dominy
Charley Dominy
Reginald Dominy
Augustine Dominy
Leonard Dominy
Frederic Dominy
Ton Dominy
Ernest Dominy
Edgar Dominy

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Dominy
Sarah Dominy
Emily Dominy
Alice Dominy
Mary Dominy
Fanny Dominy
Louisa Dominy
Annie Dominy
Ellen Dominy
Jane Dominy
Matilda Dominy
Ann Dominy
Emma Dominy
Harriett Dominy
Kate Dominy
Edith Dominy
Charlotte Dominy
Barbra Dominy
Frances Dominy
Martha Dominy
Mabel Dominy
Emey Dominy
Laticia Dominy
Jessie Dominy
Clara Dominy
Ida Dominy
Catherine Dominy
Rosina Dominy
Helena Dominy
Blanche Dominy
Nellie Dominy
Flora Dominy
Amy Dominy
Maria Dominy
Ethel Dominy
Lucy Dominy
Lily Dominy
S.Catherine Dominy
Hester Dominy
Caroline Dominy
Olive Dominy
Helen Dominy

Top occupations

Railway Clerk
School Boy
Dress Maker
Daughter Of Clerk
Servant Domestic
Ladysmaid (Domestic)
Mariners Wife
No Occupation
Gen Lab
House Keeper
Groom & Gardener (4)
House Painter
Housekeeper Domestic
General Laborer
Farmers Son
Housemaid (Domestic)
Labourer Wife
Master Plasterer Employing 22 Men 8 Boys
Mothers Help (Servt)
Navy Pensr Retired Carpenter
Ag Lab
Baker Grocer &C
Bakers Wife
Bank Manager
Bankers Clerk
Blacksmiths Wife
Boot & Shoe Maker
Butcher Journeyman
Butcher Wife
Carpenter & Greengrocer
Clerk At O.S.O. Southampton
Domestic Servant (General)
Domestic Servt
Farmer 5 Men & 3 Boys (200 Acres)
Farmer Of 572 Acres Emp 15 Men 5 Boys
Farmer Wife
Able Seaman