Doggrell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Doggrell
Albert Doggrell
Thomas Doggrell
Charles Doggrell
George Doggrell
John Doggrell
James Doggrell
Henry Doggrell
Edwin Doggrell
Harry Doggrell
Frank Doggrell
Enos Doggrell
Edwd. Doggrell
Sidney Doggrell
Oliver Doggrell
Joseph Doggrell
Ernest Doggrell
Edmund Doggrell
Raymond Doggrell
Alfred Doggrell
Noah Doggrell
Herbert Doggrell
Walter Doggrell

Top female forenames

Mary Doggrell
Sarah Doggrell
Eliza Doggrell
Ann Doggrell
Elizabeth Doggrell
Rose Doggrell
Baby Doggrell
Kitty Doggrell
Jane Doggrell
Agnes Doggrell
Hester Doggrell
Grace Doggrell
Frances Doggrell
Emily Doggrell
Rebca. Doggrell
Martha Doggrell
Clara Doggrell
Lizzie Doggrell
Annie Doggrell
Jemima Doggrell
Alice Doggrell
Isabella Doggrell
Harriett Doggrell
Georgina Doggrell
Selina Doggrell
Ethel Doggrell
Ellen Doggrell
Lucy Doggrell

Top occupations

Farmer Wife
Farmer 300 Acres Employing 4 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer 21 Acres
Farmer 40 Acres
Farmer Of 14 Acres
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
General Servant
Genrl Serv Inn Potman
Plasterers Labourer
Railway Lab
Railway Servant
Retired Farmer
Retired Farmer Wife
Ag Labr
Agri Lab
Agricul Laborer
Agrl Lab Cowman
Brewers Cellarman
Builder Employing 7 Men & 2 Boys
Ag Lab
Butchers Wife
Chelsea Pensioner
Cook Dom
Decorator Employing 3 Men 2 Boys
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker