Dodworth in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dodworth
William Dodworth
James Dodworth
Albert Dodworth
Alfred Dodworth
Charles Dodworth
Henry Dodworth
George Dodworth
Matthew Dodworth
Thomas Dodworth
Ernest Dodworth
Cecil Dodworth
Joseph Dodworth
Frank Dodworth
Rob. Dodworth
Arthur Dodworth
Nathl.G. Dodworth
Hugh Dodworth
Harry Dodworth
Walter Dodworth
Geo.N. Dodworth
Robert Dodworth
Richard Dodworth
Maurice Dodworth
Willie Dodworth
Wilfred Dodworth
Tom Dodworth
Smith Dodworth

Top female forenames

Mary Dodworth
Sarah Dodworth
Elizabeth Dodworth
Frances Dodworth
Emma Dodworth
Harriet Dodworth
Florence Dodworth
Beatrice Dodworth
Kate Dodworth
Ann Dodworth
Ida Dodworth
Alice Dodworth
Fanny Dodworth
Elizth. Dodworth
Eleanor Dodworth
Claressa Dodworth
Caroline Dodworth
Lydia Dodworth
Annie Dodworth
Julia Dodworth
Amanda Dodworth
Edith Dodworth
Rosabel Dodworth
Charlotte Dodworth
Martha Dodworth

Top occupations

Table Blade Forger
Platelayer G.N.R.
Retired Capts Widow
Machinist (Ag Imp Mr) (Scythe Maker)
Manager (Spring Knife)
Master Grinder Cutler
Mechanic (S/M)
Pallette Knife Manufacturer
Pocket Knife Hafter
Potman Domc Servt
Railway Carriage Painter
Relaying Foreman Platelayer
Labourer At Ganester Works
Retired Yeoman
Scaler Blade & Spring Maker 5 Men 2 Boys (Cutlery)
School Mistres
Table Blade Print Maker & Table Blade Forger
Table Blade Print Striker
Table Knife Blade Forger
Woollen Finisher
Domestic Servant
Brass Turner
Chaff Putter
Char Woman
Clerk Spring Maker (Cutlery)
Clerk To Cutlery Scale & Spa Manufr
Coach Spring Manufacturer Employ 6 Men 3 Boys
Cutlery Manager
Bank Clerk
Drapers Errand Boy
Engine Tenter At Engineers Works
Formerly Table Blade Forger
Gas Tube Smith
Grinder Jobbing Cutler
Hacking Knife Maker
Iron Turner Engineers