Dodgin in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dodgin
James Dodgin
Edwin Dodgin
Henry Dodgin
Edward Dodgin
Charles Dodgin
William Dodgin
Cyril Dodgin
Albert Dodgin
Walter Dodgin
Samuel Dodgin
Robert Dodgin
Stephen Dodgin
Robt.Wm. Dodgin
Richard Dodgin

Top female forenames

Mary Dodgin
Sarah Dodgin
Emma Dodgin
Elizabeth Dodgin
Ann Dodgin
Margrate Dodgin
Jane Dodgin
Clary Dodgin
Catharine Dodgin
Alice Dodgin
Nancy Dodgin
Martha Dodgin
Margaret Dodgin
Hannah Dodgin
Florence Dodgin
Charlotte Dodgin
Peggy Dodgin
Grace Dodgin

Top occupations

Boat Builder
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Spinner
Drapers Asst
Marine Surveyor
Spinner C
Shirt Cutter
Ry Eng
Reeler In A Cotton Mill
Plumber & Painter
Overlooker At A Cotton Mill
Agent For Loan Society(Finance)
Loom Tenter Cotton Mill
Knotter Of Quilts (Half Time)
Engine Cleaner Rly
Cotton Winder
Coal Miner
Assistant Drapers Wife