Dight in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dight
William Dight
Henry Dight
Edward Dight
Charles Dight
Walter Dight
Thomas Dight
Alfred Dight
James Dight
Frederick Dight
David Dight
George Dight
Phineas Dight
Arthur Dight
Samuel Dight
Mark Dight
Louis Dight
Albert Dight
Herbert Dight
Frank Dight
Timothy Dight
Edwin Dight
Robert Dight
Joseph Dight
Esau Dight
Edwd. Dight
Romano Dight

Top female forenames

Mary Dight
Eliza Dight
Alice Dight
Elizabeth Dight
Emma Dight
Annie Dight
Emily Dight
Ellen Dight
Florence Dight
Jane Dight
Henrietta Dight
Charlotte Dight
Betsy Dight
Susan Dight
Ann Dight
Kate Dight
Caroline Dight
Bessie Dight
Martha Dight
Anna Dight
Sarah Dight
Amey Dight
Elizth.Jane Dight
Rosa Dight
Alexandra Dight
Ida Dight
ELIZH. Dight
Polly Dight
Ada Dight
Norah Dight
Hannah Dight
Millicent Dight
Gertrude Dight
Eveline Dight
Louisa Dight
Esther Dight
Sophia Dight
Lena Dight
Rosina Dight
Amy Dight
Rose Dight
Isabella Dight
Elizth. Dight
Rebecca Dight
Agnes Dight
Hester Dight
Olivia Dight
Helen Dight
Edith Dight
Mily Dight

Top occupations

Farm Lab
Engine Fitter
General Servant
Cotton Weaver
Hosiers Asst
Farmer 172 Acres Employing 5 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer 260 Acre Employing 10 Men & 3 Boys
Fruit Salesman Clerk Unempl
Woollen Draper (Master)
Gardner (Domestic Servant)
Agrl Labourer
Grocers Assistant
Gunner Rl Artillery
Farm Labourer
Agricultural Labr
Agricultural Labourer (Pauper)
Ag Lab
Lime Business
Lime Business Wife
Lodging House Keeper
Bookbinder General
Boy 1 Class
Carpenter & Joiner
Carriage Maker
Coal Porter To The Christian Ass Soc Or Sch
Commercial Travellers Wife
Companion Out Of Situation
Bag Maker Leather
Cook Domestic
Cook Domestic Servant
Assistant To Newsagent
Domestic Matron
Domestic Servant
2 Captain Forecastle
Engine Fitter Wife
Export Merchant Clerk