Davieson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Davieson
John Davieson
James Davieson
Edward Davieson
Edwin Davieson
Daniel Davieson
...bert Davieson
Robert Davieson
Herbert Davieson
George Davieson
Alfred Davieson
Robt. Davieson
J.A.H. Davieson
Henry Davieson

Top female forenames

Annie Davieson
Ellen Davieson
Sarah Davieson
Mary Davieson
Emma Davieson
Eliza Davieson
Susan Davieson
Rose Davieson
Phoebe Davieson
Martha Davieson
Maggie Davieson
Hannah Davieson
Caroline Davieson
Sussannah Davieson
Rebecca Davieson
Margaret Davieson
Lucey Davieson

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agricultural Laborer
Coal Miners Wife
Soldier & Bricklayers Laborer
Paper Ruler
Horse Hair Weaver (Mf)
General Serv Domestic
Domestic S (General) Unemployed
Clerk To General Carriers
Cabinet Maker Wife
Cabinet Maker
Agricultural Laborer Wife
Ag Labs Wife