Cumberworth in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cumberworth
John Cumberworth
Henry Cumberworth
Charles Cumberworth
Thomas Cumberworth
George Cumberworth
Ernest Cumberworth
Searson Cumberworth
Robert Cumberworth
Fred Cumberworth
Samuel Cumberworth
Matthew Cumberworth
J.H. Cumberworth

Top female forenames

Mary Cumberworth
Sarah Cumberworth
Elizabeth Cumberworth
Annie Cumberworth
Emma Cumberworth
Martha Cumberworth
Jane Cumberworth
Eliza Cumberworth
Alice Cumberworth
Keziah Cumberworth
Julia Cumberworth
Harriett Cumberworth
Charlotte Cumberworth
Susan Cumberworth
Betsey Cumberworth
Nancy Cumberworth
Ann Cumberworth
Ada Cumberworth
Kate Cumberworth
Florence Cumberworth
Emily Cumberworth
Caroline Cumberworth

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Servant
Machineman (Ag Attendant)
Miller & Baker (Master)
Nurse (S M S)
Joiner Journeyman
Housekeeper (Dom)
Fish Merchant
Farm Laborer
Baker And Grocer
Baker Propr
Char Woman
Chemists Porter
Colliery Laborer
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Threshing Machine Owner Ag Mach Owner