Cumberbatch in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Cumberbatch
John Cumberbatch
Joseph Cumberbatch
James Cumberbatch
William Cumberbatch
Charles Cumberbatch
Edwin Cumberbatch
Frank Cumberbatch
Samuel Cumberbatch
Laurence Cumberbatch
Edward Cumberbatch
Enoch Cumberbatch
Elisha Cumberbatch
R.D. Cumberbatch
Eli Cumberbatch
Daniel Cumberbatch
Herbert Cumberbatch
Carlton Cumberbatch
Alphonso Cumberbatch
Ephream Cumberbatch
Enos Cumberbatch
Elkin Cumberbatch
Elijah Cumberbatch
Elfred Cumberbatch
Isaac Cumberbatch
Frederick Cumberbatch
Arthur Cumberbatch
Evan Cumberbatch
Albert Cumberbatch
Ephraim Cumberbatch
Wm. Cumberbatch

Top female forenames

Mary Cumberbatch
Sarah Cumberbatch
Ellen Cumberbatch
Hannah Cumberbatch
Alice Cumberbatch
Harriet Cumberbatch
Rachel Cumberbatch
Martha Cumberbatch
Jane Cumberbatch
Margaret Cumberbatch
Harriett Cumberbatch
Selina Cumberbatch
Emely Cumberbatch
Rose Cumberbatch
Elizth.Ellen Cumberbatch
Peniford Cumberbatch
Elizabeth Cumberbatch
Edith Cumberbatch
Maria Cumberbatch
Anne Cumberbatch
Lilian Cumberbatch
Isabella Cumberbatch
Tamer Cumberbatch
Ethel Cumberbatch
Elizth.Ann Cumberbatch
Pamela Cumberbatch
Eliza Cumberbatch
Catherine Cumberbatch
Ann Cumberbatch
... Cumberbatch

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Operative (C M)
Cotton Weaver
Surveyor Daughter
Labourer In Coal Mine
Ironstone Miner & Broker
Ironstone Miner
Farm Servant Indoor
Pictorial Artist (PS)
House Keeper
Weaver Cotton Factory
Provision Dealer
Silk Winder
Student At College
Surgeon F.R.C.S.Eng> M.B.Lond.
Warehouse Woman (Pottery)
Gardener Domestic Servant
Artist Wife
Banksman (Pit) (C)
Boy Under Detention
Card Room Hand
Classical Teacher B.A.Oxon
Clothier (Tailor)
Clothier (Tailor) Wife
Coal Miner Wife
Colliery Wages Clerk
Engine Fitter
Engine Turner
Farmer 15 A 1 Boy
Farmer 44 Acres
Farmer Of 11 Acres
Farmers Daur
Farmers Wife
Ag Lab