Cumber in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cumber
John Cumber
George Cumber
Charles Cumber
Henry Cumber
Thomas Cumber
James Cumber
Frederick Cumber
Herbert Cumber
Albert Cumber
Robert Cumber
Richard Cumber
Edwin Cumber
Alfred Cumber
Walter Cumber
Harry Cumber
Arthur Cumber
Percy Cumber
Andrew Cumber
Timothy Cumber
Samuel Cumber
Fredrick Cumber
Fred. Cumber
Nomish Cumber
Julian Cumber
Chas. Cumber
Chares Cumber
Jno. Cumber
Wm. Cumber
Henery Cumber
Francis Cumber
Matthew Cumber
Edward Cumber
Joseph Cumber
Jobe Cumber
Bartley Cumber

Top female forenames

Mary Cumber
Elizabeth Cumber
Alice Cumber
Sarah Cumber
Ellen Cumber
Caroline Cumber
Florence Cumber
Emma Cumber
Eliza Cumber
Jane Cumber
Annie Cumber
Rosetta Cumber
Susan Cumber
Edith Cumber
Lydia Cumber
Ethel Cumber
Louisa Cumber
Sophia Cumber
Ada Cumber
Josephine Cumber
Henrietta Cumber
Harriet Cumber
Fanny Cumber
Laura Cumber
Emily Cumber
A. Cumber
Julia Cumber
Rose Cumber
Jessie Cumber
Phillis Cumber
Minney Cumber
Helen Cumber
Clara Cumber
Maude Cumber
Hannah Cumber
Cecelia Cumber
Maria Cumber
Violet Cumber
Angelina Cumber
Keziah Cumber
Elva Cumber
Elizh. Cumber
Priscilla Cumber
Jemima Cumber
Myra Cumber
Daisy Cumber
Mina Cumber
Charlotte Cumber
Francis Cumber
Maleora Cumber

Top occupations

General Labourer
Licenced Victular
Soldier Dau Scholar
Errand Boy
Soldier Son Scholar
Domestic Servant
Ag Laborer
Genl Servt
General Serv
Book Binder
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Genl Labourer (Unemployed)
General Labr
Factory (Lab) (Woman)
Fancy Box Maker
Farm Laborer
Gen Servt
Farm Labourer
Gardener Dom
Factory Girl (Lab)
Chemist (Manager)
Cocoa Maker (Out Of E)
Bricklayers Apprentice
Bricklayer's Laborer
Boot Maker
Book Folder Out Of Employ
Book Folder
Bench Man At Saw Mills
Bankers Clerk
Working Mechanic
Carpenters Son
Coachman (Dom Ser)
Coachman & Gardener
Chemists Wife
Chemists Assistt
Benchman (Sawyer)
Chemist (Apprentice)
Chelsea Pensioner