Cuffling in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Cuffling
Henry Cuffling
Charles Cuffling
James Cuffling
William Cuffling
Thomas Cuffling
John Cuffling
Walter Cuffling
Richard Cuffling
Jonathan Cuffling
Frank Cuffling
Erick Cuffling
Edward Cuffling
Alfred Cuffling
Michael Cuffling
Frederick Cuffling
Francis Cuffling
Enoch Cuffling

Top female forenames

Mary Cuffling
Charlotte Cuffling
Jane Cuffling
Hannah Cuffling
Elizabeth Cuffling
Ann Cuffling
Julia Cuffling
Fanny Cuffling
Esther Cuffling
Emma Cuffling
Vinar Cuffling
Rose Cuffling
Phoebe Cuffling
Annie Cuffling
Marianne Cuffling
Agnes Cuffling
Francis Cuffling
Eva Cuffling
Equilla Cuffling
Elizebeth Cuffling
Thirsa Cuffling
Eliza Cuffling
Rirpha Cuffling
Betsy Cuffling

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Warp Loom Hand
Infant School Mistress
Labourer At Colliery (Miner)
Millers Stone Dresser
No Occupation
O Stone Miner
Partially Employed
Private R N G Militia
Railway Porter
Waiting Maid (Dom)
Hose Stitcher
Grocer Assistant
General Servant (Domestic)
Boot Maker
Boot Riviter
Clothiers Assistant (Tailor)
Drapers Apprentice
Engine Driver At Colliery
Fancy Hosiery Hand
Farm Labourer
Farmer Of
Farmers Son
General Servant
Boot Machinist