Cuffe in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Cuffe
William Cuffe
Robert Cuffe
James Cuffe
Edward Cuffe
John Cuffe
Frederick Cuffe
Bernard Cuffe
Oscar Cuffe
Alfred Cuffe
Joseph Cuffe
A. Cuffe
Harry Cuffe
Wm. Cuffe
Eugene Cuffe
Sherrard Cuffe
Charles Cuffe
Patrick Cuffe
Arthur Cuffe
Michael Cuffe
Albert Cuffe
Henry Cuffe
H. Cuffe
Willie Cuffe
Thomas Cuffe
Ernest Cuffe
Robt. Cuffe
Daniel Cuffe
Richard Cuffe

Top female forenames

Mary Cuffe
Ellen Cuffe
Sarah Cuffe
Eliza Cuffe
Caroline Cuffe
Lilla Cuffe
Anna Cuffe
Kathleen Cuffe
Agnes Cuffe
Theresa Cuffe
Harriett Cuffe
Sybil Cuffe
Frances Cuffe
Polly Cuffe
Emma Cuffe
O.F.L.W. Cuffe
E. Cuffe
Margrete Cuffe
Catherine Cuffe
Lucy Cuffe
Augusta Cuffe
Leila Cuffe
Alice Cuffe
Joan Cuffe
Teresa Cuffe
Hannah Cuffe
Florence Cuffe
Pane Cuffe
Emily Cuffe
Maryann Cuffe
Marion Cuffe
Charlotte Cuffe
M. Cuffe

Top occupations

No Occupation
Stable Boy (Groom ND)
Domestic Servant
Farm Labourer
Private Lodging House Keeper
P... Wife
Paper Sorter
Pharmaceutical Chemist Employing 3 Men 3 Boys
Phys Wife
Police Constable
Private Grenadier Guards
Ladys Maid
Railway Labourer
Roman Catholic Priest
Teacher Of Latin Greek French (Sch M Fr)
Tenter Print Works
Undergraduate Cambs. University
Factory Manager
Agric Lab
Carter's Boy (AL)
Chemists Apprentice
Chemists Assistant
Comml Clerk Upholsterers
Detained Under Industrail Schools Acts
Dispenser (Sub Med)
General Laborer
General Servant
L.R.C.P. Lond M.D. "Assist"
Labourer At Paper Mill
Lace Cleaner
24 Doctor Of Laws L.A.