Cornall in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cornall
Thomas Cornall
William Cornall
Richard Cornall
James Cornall
Robert Cornall
George Cornall
Henry Cornall
Charles Cornall
Matthew Cornall
Joseph Cornall
Samuel Cornall
Thos. Cornall
Rd. Cornall
Albert Cornall
Peter Cornall
Simon Cornall
Arthur Cornall
Alfred Cornall
Fredk. Cornall
Fred Cornall
Clement Cornall
Robt. Cornall
Harry Cornall
Alice Cornall
Geo. Cornall
Frederick Cornall
Nicholas Cornall
Frank Cornall
Josiah Cornall
Ephraim Cornall
W. Cornall
Edward Cornall
Cuthbert Cornall
Hiram Cornall
Chas. Cornall
Rowland Cornall
Helon Cornall
Patrick Cornall
Willian Cornall
Ernest Cornall
Walter Cornall
Enoch Cornall
Tom Cornall
Jas.M. Cornall
Edmund Cornall
Hugh Cornall

Top female forenames

Mary Cornall
Elizabeth Cornall
Ellen Cornall
Alice Cornall
Ann Cornall
Margaret Cornall
Jane Cornall
Sarah Cornall
Annie Cornall
Eliza Cornall
Maria Cornall
Frances Cornall
Martha Cornall
Florence Cornall
Emily Cornall
Louisa Cornall
Betsy Cornall
Emma Cornall
Agnes Cornall
Harriet Cornall
Minnie Cornall
Margret Cornall
M. Cornall
Ada Cornall
Hannah Cornall
Dorothy Cornall
Lily Cornall
Catherine Cornall
Arabella Cornall
Anne Cornall
Susanna Cornall
Rose Cornall
Grace Cornall
Fanny Cornall
Isabella Cornall
Helena Cornall
Sophia Cornall
Elizt.D. Cornall
Harriett Cornall
S. Cornall
Elizath.Ann Cornall
Rosa Cornall
Gertrude Cornall
Peggy Cornall
Nancy Cornall
Laura Cornall
William Cornall
Finoola Cornall
Minerva Cornall
Jennet Cornall

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Farmers Son
Domestic Servant
Grocers Assistant
General Servant
Lodging House Keeper
Agrl Labor
Ag Lab
Gardener (7)
Farmer Son
Farmers Daug
Farmer Daur
Cotton Warehouse Hand
Farmers Wife
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Cotton Winder
General Serv
Farmer Of 76 Acres
Cotton Creeler
Sewing Machinist
House Keeper
Farmers Daur
Gen Lab
General Laborer
Ag Labourer
Cotton Loom Jobber
Auctioneers Assistant
Engine Cleaner On Rlway (GWR)
Butchers Assistant
Button Carder
C Winder
Wife Of Cotton Broker
Coal & Wood Seller
Cook Dom
Cotton Broker