Clogg in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Clogg
John Clogg
Richard Clogg
Henry Clogg
Alfred Clogg
Albert Clogg
George Clogg
Thomas Clogg
Stephen Clogg
Joseph Clogg
Herbert Clogg
Harry Clogg
Ernest Clogg
Arthur Clogg
Joshua Clogg
Horrice Clogg
Frederick Clogg
Wm. Clogg
Charles Clogg
James Clogg
Fredk.T. Clogg

Top female forenames

Mary Clogg
Elizabeth Clogg
Annie Clogg
Emma Clogg
Sarah Clogg
Ann Clogg
Bessie Clogg
Charlotte Clogg
Amelia Clogg
Laura Clogg
Jane Clogg
Minnie Clogg
Agness Clogg
Louisa Clogg
Hannah Clogg
Susan Clogg
Nannia Clogg
Elizth Clogg
Alfred Clogg
Clara Clogg
A. Clogg
Louise Clogg
Carrie Clogg
Blanche Clogg
Jessie Clogg
Bertha Clogg
Frances Clogg
Sophia Clogg
Fanny Clogg
Amie Clogg
Rose Clogg
Ellen Clogg
Alice Clogg
Marianne Clogg
Caroline Clogg
Kate Clogg
Betsy Clogg
Janie Clogg
Besse Clogg
Florence Clogg
Angelan Clogg

Top occupations

Private Soldier
Rope Maker
General Servant
Farmers Son
Farmers Daur
Errand Boy
Butchers Daur
Boot Maker
Interest Of Money
Apprentice Saddler
Apprentice Draper
Fishing Apprentice
General Laborer
Agricultural Labourer
General Servt (Domestic)
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Farmer Wife
Jeweller (Jobbing)
Labourer Daughter
Labourer Son
Labourer Wife
Land Surveyor
Wesley Ministers Wife
Butchers Son
Butchers Wife
Butcher Unemployed
Chair & Couch Maker
Chair Maker
Coachman (Dom)
Coal Miner
Butcher Wife
Costume Saleswoman
Domestic Servant
Drapers Shopman
Assistant (Boot)
Farm Labourer (Indoor)
Farmer (Farm 340 Acres)
Farmer Of 250 Acres Employing 2 Labourers 2 Boys