Clipsham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Clipsham
William Clipsham
George Clipsham
Edwin Clipsham
Charles Clipsham
Henry Clipsham
Joseph Clipsham
Fred Clipsham
Thomas Clipsham
Arthur Clipsham
Herbert Clipsham
Samuel Clipsham
Harry Clipsham
Philip Clipsham
Noah Clipsham
Denness Clipsham
Mark Clipsham
Josiah Clipsham
Albert Clipsham
Jonathan Clipsham
Willie Clipsham
James Clipsham
Saml.Clay Clipsham
Richard Clipsham
Elijah Clipsham
Percy Clipsham
Edward Clipsham
Matthew Clipsham
Charlton Clipsham
Luke Clipsham
Robert Clipsham

Top female forenames

Annie Clipsham
Mary Clipsham
Elizabeth Clipsham
Ann Clipsham
Selina Clipsham
Emma Clipsham
Sarah Clipsham
Emily Clipsham
Martha Clipsham
Lydia Clipsham
Jane Clipsham
Eliza Clipsham
Betsy Clipsham
Maria Clipsham
Lucy Clipsham
Alice Clipsham
Caroline Clipsham
Julia Clipsham
Amelia Clipsham
Wilhelmina Clipsham
Alexandra Clipsham
Susannah Clipsham
Fanny Clipsham
Rose Clipsham
Ellen Clipsham
Nancy Clipsham
Anne Clipsham
Amy Clipsham
Jemima Clipsham
Thirza Clipsham
Harriet Clipsham
Susan Clipsham
Ethel Clipsham
Rebecca Clipsham
Miriam Clipsham

Top occupations

Farm Serv
Ag Lab
Igler Labourer
Iron Worker
Innkeeper Wife
Innkeeper & Igler
Igler Labourer Wife
Drapers Assistant
Horsekeeper (8)
Joiner Daur
Joiner Wife
Journeyman Baker
Periodical Writer
No Occ
Needle Woman
Messenger Oil Seed Co
Lace Reeler
Lace Manufacturers Ass
Journeyman Joiner Wife
Journeyman Joiner
Groom Domestic
Coachman (Wife)
Coachman (Dom)
Clerk Confectioners
Chandler & Joiner
Carpenters Apprentice
Cabinet Maker
Bakers Apprentice
Training For The Sea
Cottager 2 Acres
Groom Dom
Grocers Porter
Grocers Assistant
Genl Serv
General Servant Domestic
Farmer (Of 33 Acres)
Domestic Servant (Nurse)
Domestic Serv