Clines in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Clines
James Clines
John Clines
Patrick Clines
Edward Clines
Martin Clines
William Clines
Frank Clines
Peter Clines
Charles Clines
Michel Clines
Joshua Clines
Hugh Clines
Fredk. Clines
Thos. Clines
Ellen Clines
Richard Clines
David Clines
Michael Clines
Luke Clines
Joseph Clines
George Clines

Top female forenames

Mary Clines
Jane Clines
Ann Clines
Catherine Clines
Margaret Clines
Bridget Clines
Agnes Clines
Sarah Clines
Clara Clines
Susan Clines
Ruth Clines
Matilda Clines
Elizabeth Clines
Nancy Clines
Louisa Clines
Emily Clines

Top occupations

In Cloth Warehouse
Servant General
Farmer Son
Licensed Victualler & Bronze Dealer Wife
Ginger Beer Manufacturer
Lab In Iron Work
Labour In Iron Work
Labourer (Gen)
Labourer Brickyard
Licensed Victualler & Bronze Dealer
Genl Serv (Dom)
No Occupation
Painters Wife
Police Constable
Rag Picker (Col Cloth)
School Girl
Umbrella Maker
Cotton Porter
Ball Furnace Man
Boot Maker
Bricklayers Lab
Bricklayers Laborer
Cardiff Pilot
Cloth Warehouse
Coal Dealer
Cook Domestic Servant
Coster Sells fruit
Cotton Mill Hand
Able Seaman
Cotton Waste Dealer
Dairy Maid
Domestic Servant (D)
Dress Maker
Farm Servant
Farmer Of 115 Acres
Farmer Wife
Farmers Son
Forge Man (Iron)
Genl Lab