Clewson in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Clewson
Arthur Clewson
Thomas Clewson
Henry Clewson
Daniel Clewson
Horace Clewson
Frederick Clewson
Con Clewson

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Clewson
Edith Clewson
Harriett Clewson
Sarah Clewson
Ellen Clewson
Agnes Clewson
Miriam Clewson
Mary Clewson
Dora Clewson
Maud Clewson
Julia Clewson

Top occupations

Bricklayers Lab
Domestic Servt (General)
Drapers Apprentice
Dyer & Printer
Farmer 280 Acres
Framework Knitter
Housekeeper (Domestic)
Lace Worker
Leather Dresser (Currier)
No Occupation
Student at the L I College