Clewer in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Clewer
John Clewer
George Clewer
James Clewer
Thomas Clewer
Henry Clewer
Edward Clewer
Arthur Clewer
Alfred Clewer
Charles Clewer
Herbert Clewer
Frederick Clewer
Albert Clewer
Edmund Clewer
Richard Clewer
Harry Clewer
Walter Clewer
Allan Clewer
Samuel Clewer
Francis Clewer
Pierre Clewer
Erling Clewer
Matilda Clewer
Edwin Clewer
Joseph Clewer
Cornelius Clewer
Harrold Clewer
Allen Clewer
Viere Clewer
Fredk. Clewer
Sydney Clewer
Fredck. Clewer
Ernest Clewer
Matthew Clewer
Elijah Clewer
Lee Clewer
David Clewer
Clifford Clewer
Willm. Clewer

Top female forenames

Mary Clewer
Sarah Clewer
Alice Clewer
Elizabeth Clewer
Emma Clewer
Eliza Clewer
Ann Clewer
Ada Clewer
Edith Clewer
Jane Clewer
Emily Clewer
Annie Clewer
Hannah Clewer
Amy Clewer
Ellen Clewer
Nellie Clewer
Matilda Clewer
Catherine Clewer
Florence Clewer
Rebecca Clewer
Harriett Clewer
Minie Clewer
Georgina Clewer
Fanny Clewer
Maria Clewer
Lizzie Clewer
Kate Clewer
Ruth Clewer
Hester Clewer
Betsy Clewer
Orpah Clewer
Harriet Clewer
Miss Clewer
May Clewer
Agnes Clewer
Magdaline Clewer
Laura Clewer
Jenny Clewer
Dora Clewer
Hilda Clewer
Caroline Clewer
Beatrice Clewer
Hariet Clewer

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Brass Rod Maker
Servant (Domestic)
Carpenter & Joiner
Cabinet Maker
Domestic Servant
General Labourer
General Domestic Servant
Agricultural Labourer
House Painter
Domestic Ser
Coachman Domestic Serv
Wife Of General Lab
Gen Labourer
Gen Domestic Servant
Gen Dom Serv
Foreman Iron Bedstead Maker
Dress Maker
Farm Servt
Farm Labourer
Carpenter Mid Ry
Fancy Box Maker Paper
Braid Tenter
(C) Worsted Rug Trimmer
(C) Worsted Rug Weaver
(C) Worsted Yarn Spinner
(Dom Serv)
Agl Lab
Agr Labr Waggoner
Baker And Confectioner
Bakers Wife
Boot & Shoe Make
Brass Dresser
Butler (Dom)
Carpenter & Join Not Employed
Carpenter Etc
Carpenter Son
Chain Maker