Chave in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Chave
Thomas Chave
Edward Chave
John Chave
James Chave
Henry Chave
Frederick Chave
George Chave
Samuel Chave
Richard Chave
Philip Chave
Frank Chave
Edwin Chave
Lewis Chave
Alfred Chave
Joseph Chave
Charles Chave
Benjaman Chave
Harry Chave
Alfrid Chave
Albert Chave
Sidney Chave
Frederic Chave
Robert Chave
Phillip Chave
Peter Chave
Edmund Chave
Chas. Chave
Cecil Chave
Willie Chave
Arthur Chave
Walter Chave
Harold Chave
Sydney Chave
Fred Chave
Francis Chave
Percy Chave
Cornelius Chave

Top female forenames

Mary Chave
Elizabeth Chave
Sarah Chave
Ellen Chave
Eliza Chave
Caroline Chave
Ann Chave
Annie Chave
Susan Chave
Jane Chave
Harriet Chave
Bessie Chave
Grace Chave
Emma Chave
Matilda Chave
Embling Chave
Edith Chave
Florence Chave
Anne Chave
Rhoda Chave
Evalyn Chave
Alice Chave
Polly Chave
Emily Chave
Ada Chave
Maria Chave
Eda Chave
Henrietta Chave
Carrie Chave
Sophia Chave
Rosa Chave
Eve Chave
Rachel Chave
Agnes Chave
Martha Chave
Mabel Chave
Ida Chave
Catherine Chave
Harriett Chave
Hannah Chave
Beatrice Chave

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Agricultural Laborer
Farmers Wife
Garden Laborer
Ag Labourer
Farmer Of 180 Acres Employing 3 Labs 3 Boys
Farmer Of 400 Acres 8 Men 2 Boys
Farmer Of 110 Acres
Farm Laborer
Farmer Of 100 Acres Employing 1 Man 2 Boys
Farmers Son (Ag Lab)
Formerly Inn Keeper
Gas Engineer (Fitter)
Gas Works Manager
General Domestic
General Servant
Grocers Apprentice
Harness Maker
House Decorator
Carpenter & Builder Employing 9 Men
(Lodg) (2)
Accountant And Insurance Agent
Ag Lab
Agl Labr
Apprentice Butcher
Articled Clerk (Law)
Beer House Keeper
Beer House Keeper Wife
By Faith
Farmer Employing...
Carpenter Employ 1 Man
Chemist & Cider Merchant
Coal Merchant
Colliery Labourer
Cook (Dom Serv)
Errand Boy
(F Son)
Farmer (Of 100 Acres)