Chaundy in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Chaundy
William Chaundy
George Chaundy
Richard Chaundy
Arthur Chaundy
Henry Chaundy
Thomas Chaundy
Raymond Chaundy
James Chaundy
Harry Chaundy
Ernest Chaundy
Charles Chaundy
Frederick Chaundy
Frederic Chaundy
Fred Chaundy
Frank Chaundy
Edred Chaundy
Joseph Chaundy
Mark Chaundy
Osbert Chaundy
Owen Chaundy
Percy Chaundy
Cyril Chaundy
Chas.Edwd. Chaundy
Walter Chaundy
Cecil Chaundy

Top female forenames

Mary Chaundy
Edith Chaundy
Sarah Chaundy
Emma Chaundy
Fanny Chaundy
Maria Chaundy
Catherine Chaundy
Ellen Chaundy
Emily Chaundy
Ann Chaundy
Gertrude Chaundy
Violet Chaundy
Victoria Chaundy
Susannah Chaundy
Louisa Chaundy
Katherine Chaundy
Kate Chaundy
Hannah Chaundy
Eliza Chaundy
Clara Chaundy
Caroline Chaundy
Annie Chaundy

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Hair Dresser & Newsagent
Freeholder No Occupation
Household Duties
Iron & Mineral Merchant
Musical Profession
No Occupn
No Profession
Print Seller & Lay Clerk
Printer Compos
Professor Of Music
School Master & Organist
School Masters Wife
Servant Domestic Housemaid
Shop Assistant (Newsagent)
Tailor & Cutter
Tailor Wife
Tailors Cutter
Tailors Cutters Wife
Trained Hospital Matron
Drapers Assistant Unemployed
Assists In House
Cabinet Maker
Carriage Body Maker (Coach)
Carver & Guilder
Certificated Schoolmistress
Chemist & Druggist
Chemists Wife
Coach Smith
Cook (N D)
Daily Governess (Tea)
General Practitioner L R C P S R C S
Employed On Farm (Ag Lab)
Farmer 202 Acres Employs 5 Men 2 Boys
Farmer 435 Acres 7 Men 4 Boys
Farmer Of 290 Acres Employing 7 Laborers & 6 Boys
Farmers Brother
Farmers Daur
Farmers Wife
Apprentice To Bookseller