Chatto in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Chatto
Andrew Chatto
George Chatto
John Chatto
Thomas Chatto
Edward Chatto
Walter Chatto

Top female forenames

Mary Chatto
Margaret Chatto
Elizabeth Chatto
Gertrude Chatto
Nellie Chatto
Martha Chatto
Maria Chatto
Katharine Chatto
Jane Chatto
Isabella Chatto
Agnes Chatto
Emma Chatto
Ellen Chatto
Dorothy Chatto
Dorothea Chatto
Cathrine Chatto
Caroline Chatto
Ann Chatto

Top occupations

Barrister Not In Practice
Civil Engineer (Out Of Employ) (No Occ)
Civil Service Clerk
Coal Miner
Formerly Farmer
Land Surveyor
Lodging House Keeper
Mechanical Draftsman (E & M)
Property Owner
Publishers Assistant
Surgeon Not Practising And Librarian