Chartres in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Chartres
Frederick Chartres
Henry Chartres
Andrew Chartres
William Chartres
Robert Chartres
Wm. Chartres
Albert Chartres
Thomas Chartres
Sidney Chartres
Richd. Chartres
Richard Chartres
Jas. Chartres
Horace Chartres
Harry Chartres
Harold Chartres
George Chartres
Edwd. Chartres
Charles Chartres
Arthur Chartres
Alfred Chartres

Top female forenames

Annie Chartres
Margaret Chartres
Jane Chartres
Mary Chartres
Edith Chartres
Phillis Chartres
Elizabeth Chartres
Emily Chartres
Harriet Chartres
Louisa Chartres
Rose Chartres
Alice Chartres
Maude Chartres
Lucy Chartres
Jessie Chartres
Ethel Chartres
Emma Chartres
Ellen Chartres
Eliza Chartres
Ann Chartres

Top occupations

General Serv Domestic
Soldier Bombadier
Shipping Clerk
Sc Teacher
Retird Merchant
Restaurant Proprietor
Licensed Victualler
Intrest Of Money
Glass Cutter
General Serv
Farmer's Wife
Farmer Of 2970 Acres
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Engineer Millwright And Iron Founder Emp 25 Men And 9 Boys
Dress Maker
Draper Clerk
Coffee House Keeper
Clerk Auctioneer
Assistant Watch Tool Shop (Watch Maker)