Charleton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Charleton
Thomas Charleton
Edward Charleton
John Charleton
Henry Charleton
George Charleton
Robert Charleton
C. Charleton
Joseph Charleton
James Charleton
Thos. Charleton
Richard Charleton
Peter Charleton
Frederick Charleton
Collingwood Charleton
Percy Charleton
Alexander Charleton
Harry Charleton
Geo. Charleton
G. Charleton
Sam Charleton
Francis Charleton
Charles Charleton
Michael Charleton
Arthur Charleton
Wm. Charleton
W. Charleton
G.B. Charleton
F. Charleton
Petter Charleton

Top female forenames

Mary Charleton
Elizabeth Charleton
Jane Charleton
Margaret Charleton
Alice Charleton
Isabella Charleton
Sarah Charleton
Edith Charleton
Eliza Charleton
Annie Charleton
Ann Charleton
Thomasina Charleton
H. Charleton
Ada Charleton
Ethol Charleton
Maud Charleton
Emily Charleton
Martha Charleton
Lucy Charleton
Barbra Charleton
Lillian Charleton
Ariana Charleton
Anna Charleton
Hester Charleton
Susan Charleton
Florence Charleton
Rhoda Charleton
Ethel Charleton
Ellen Charleton
Margt.J. Charleton
Mable Charleton
Cecily Charleton
Lilly Charleton
Barbara Charleton
John Charleton

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Wife
Domestic Servant
Cement Manufacturer
Patter Maker Ordinance Works
Farmer Of 380 Acres Employs 3 Labourers
Physician M.D. F.R.C.S.E.
Pattern Maker Wife
Formerely Launderess
French Polisher
General Laborer
General Servant (Domestic)
Worsted Weaver
General Servant Domestic
Horse ...fold Unemployed (Farm)
House Joiner
House Painter
House Propietor
Painter & Paperhanger
Commission Agent
Architect & Surveyor
Bible Christian Minister
Boarder Scholar
Boiler Maker Iron Foundry
Bottle Blower
Cement Manufacturer Wife
Circus Proffionals ? Wife
Coal Merchant
Farmer Of 600 Acres
Cotton Warp Dresser
Drapers Apprentice
Dress Maker
Engine Driver (Ry)
Engineer (Driver)
Estate Agent (House)
Farm Labourer
Farmer Of 1300 Acres Emp 2 Men & 1 Woman
(Iron) Moulder