Cawling in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Cawling
Samuel Cawling
James Cawling
Edward Cawling
William Cawling
Joseph Cawling
Elijah Cawling
Wm. Cawling
W.C. Cawling

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cawling
Elizebeth Cawling
Emily Cawling
Edith Cawling
Louisa Cawling
Jane Cawling
Fanny Cawling
Eliza Cawling
Sarah Cawling
Julia Cawling
Florence Cawling

Top occupations

Builder & Master Man
Coach Painter
Coal Miner
Disabled To Work
Dress Maker
Engine Fitter At Works
Farm Lab
General Laborer
General Serv
Housemaid (Dom)
Oil Man In Coal Works (Miner)
Oil Man In Coal Works Wife
Plumber (Apprentice)
Shopwoman (Bread)