Carpendale in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Carpendale
Joseph Carpendale
William Carpendale
George Carpendale
Richard Carpendale
Thomas Carpendale
Robert Carpendale
Herbert Carpendale
Ambrose Carpendale
Willm. Carpendale
Walter Carpendale
Ruben Carpendale
James Carpendale
Henry Carpendale
Benjamin Carpendale
Maxwell Carpendale

Top female forenames

Mary Carpendale
Sarah Carpendale
Emma Carpendale
Ann Carpendale
Elizabeth Carpendale
Jane Carpendale
Emily Carpendale
Selina Carpendale
Catherine Carpendale
Ruth Carpendale
Rebecca Carpendale
Agness Carpendale
Lucy Carpendale
Frances Carpendale
Susannah Carpendale
Edith Carpendale
Annie Carpendale
Rose Carpendale
Alice Carpendale
Naomi Carpendale
Martha Carpendale
Jennie Carpendale
Harriet Carpendale

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Maker Up Cotton Hosiery
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
W Metal Smith
Stud Groom Huntsman (Domes Serv)
Railway Messenger
Pupil Teacher
Policemans Wife
Police Constable
Governess (Teacher)
Gentleman Cadet
General Servant (Dom)
General Labourer
Farmers Wife
Farmers Boy
Farmer Of 122 Acres & Inn Keeper
Engine Driver ((R...))
Engine Driver
Driver Royal Artillery
County Police Office
Cook Domestic Servant (School)
Coal Miner
Agric Lab
Ag Labor