Carnley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Joseph Carnley
Wm. Carnley
John Carnley
William Carnley
Samuel Carnley
Herbert Carnley
Harry Carnley
Don Carnley
Walter Carnley
Sidney Carnley
Henry Carnley
George Carnley
Tom Carnley
Jonathan Carnley

Top female forenames

Emma Carnley
Sarah Carnley
Eliza Carnley
Alice Carnley
Mary Carnley
Lucy Carnley
Jane Carnley
Florence Carnley
Elizabeth Carnley
Anna Carnley
Nena Carnley
Martha Carnley
Letitia Carnley
Harriette Carnley

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Ag Lab
No Occupation (Daur Of Retired Farmer)
Labourer Agric
Wife Of Retired Farmer
Steel Worker
Salesman Of Bicycles
Retired Farmer
No Occupation (Son Of Retired Farmer)
Law Student
General Labourer
Furniture Salesman
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daur
Farmer 789 Acres Employing 15 Men And 2 Boys
Farm Servant (Indoors)