Carlill in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Carlill
John Carlill
Thomas Carlill
George Carlill
Robert Carlill
Joseph Carlill
Richard Carlill
Frank Carlill
Edward Carlill
Arthur Carlill
James Carlill
Emmanuel Carlill
Briggs Carlill
Walter Carlill
Robt. Carlill
Harold Carlill

Top female forenames

Martha Carlill
Mary Carlill
Elizabeth Carlill
Jane Carlill
Annie Carlill
Sarah Carlill
Ann Carlill
Betsey Carlill
Grace Carlill
Ada Carlill
Frances Carlill
Phebe Carlill
Eva Carlill
Matthew Carlill
Eliza Carlill
Dorothy Carlill
Margaret Carlill
Christiana Carlill
Lilly Carlill
Betsy Carlill
Kate Carlill
Beatrice Carlill
Isabella Carlill
Tamar Carlill
Georgiana Carlill
Rose Carlill
Florence Carlill
Naomi Carlill
Edith Carlill
Maria Carlill
Clara Carlill
Louisa Carlill
Catherine Carlill
Laura Carlill

Top occupations

No Occupation
Wheelwright Daur
Master Slater Employing 2 Men 2 Boys
Wheelwright Wife
Retired Dressmaker
Retired Chorister Pensioner & Owner Of House Property
Public Accountant
Wifes Assistant
Printer Compositor
Wire Worker
News Agent
Millwright In Iron Works
Master Shoemaker Employing 2 Men
Labourer In Iron works
Joiner (Unemployed)
General Labourer
Formerly Governess
Formerly Boot Clicker
Farmer Of 245 Ac Land
Engine Fitter
Domestic Servant
Boot & Shoe Maker