Carhart in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Carhart
William Carhart
Thomas Carhart
Elias Carhart
James Carhart
Thos. Carhart
Samuel Carhart
Ernist Carhart
Albert Carhart
Owen Carhart
Lewis Carhart
Henry Carhart
Francis Carhart
Wm. Carhart
Ernest Carhart
Tom Carhart
Alfred Carhart
Richard Carhart
Marsena Carhart
Joseph Carhart
George Carhart

Top female forenames

Mary Carhart
Elizabeth Carhart
Ann Carhart
Jane Carhart
Sarah Carhart
Emily Carhart
Lucy Carhart
Laura Carhart
Eliza Carhart
Annis Carhart
Martha Carhart
Anne Carhart
Lenora Carhart
Alma Carhart
Johannah Carhart
Florence Carhart
Polly Carhart
Peggy Carhart
Christian Carhart
Annie Carhart
Jessie Carhart
Gertrude Carhart
Ethell Carhart
Ellen Carhart
Phillippa Carhart
Millicent Carhart

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Coal Miner
Laborers Wife
Agricultural Laborer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Railway Laborer
Ironmonger and Smith
Kitchenmaid Domestic
Nursemaid Domestic Servant
Farm Servt Indoor
Railway Porter
Retired Farmer
Retired Smith
Servant (Domestic)
Shop ((...))
Smiths Wife
Brewers Accountant
((Shopkeeper)) & Miller
Ag Lab
Ag Laborer
Ag. Labourer
Blacksmiths Apprentice
Blacksmiths Daur
Blacksmiths Wife
Boot And Shoe Maker
Grocers Assitant
Coal Dealer
Domestic Servt.
Farm Servant
Farm Servant In Door
((Railway Laborer's Wife))
Flour Dealer
General Servant