Cargill in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cargill
John Cargill
James Cargill
George Cargill
Thomas Cargill
Arthur Cargill
Robert Cargill
Ralph Cargill
David Cargill
Charles Cargill
Henry Cargill
Joseph Cargill
Samuel Cargill
Hugh Cargill
Sidney Cargill
Alfred Cargill
Richard Cargill
Peter Cargill
Edward Cargill
Chas. Cargill
Walter Cargill
Herbert Cargill
Chapel Cargill
Harold Cargill
Georgiana Cargill
Albert Cargill
Fredk Cargill
Frank Cargill
Lionel Cargill
E. Cargill
Wm.Hy. Cargill
Clement Cargill
Hert.Wm. Cargill
Tom Cargill
Barthm. Cargill
Guiseppe Cargill
Robt. Cargill
Frederick Cargill
Donald Cargill
Cornelius Cargill
Wm.Drayton Cargill
Horace Cargill

Top female forenames

Mary Cargill
Annie Cargill
Elizabeth Cargill
Margaret Cargill
Jane Cargill
Florence Cargill
Martha Cargill
Jessie Cargill
Ann Cargill
Emily Cargill
Helen Cargill
Eliza Cargill
Hannah Cargill
Catherine Cargill
Sarah Cargill
Emma Cargill
Amy Cargill
Alice Cargill
Helena Cargill
Eleanor Cargill
Charlotte Cargill
Elizth. Cargill
Matilda Cargill
Henrietta Cargill
Emeline Cargill
Lydia Cargill
Ada Cargill
Harriet Cargill
Louisa Cargill
Grace Cargill
Susannah Cargill
Lilicia Cargill
Geraldine Cargill
Sisera Cargill
Cathe. Cargill
Kathleen Cargill
Olivia Cargill
Caroline Cargill
Fanny Cargill
Maud Cargill
Betsy Cargill
Janet Cargill
Etheal Cargill
Isabel Cargill
Margret Cargill
Alison Cargill
Hellen Cargill
M.Hy. Cargill
Agnes Cargill
Lucia Cargill

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
No Occupation
Domestic Servant
Beerhouse Keeper
Barrister Not In Practice
Coal Miner Wife
Wife Of Costume Manufacturer
Colliery Carpenter
Commercial Clerk
Cotton Weaver
Beerhouse Keeper Wife
Daughter Of Ann Daggs
Domestic Servant (Out Of Employ)
Draper And Hosier
Beerhouse Keepers Daughter
Earthenware Maker
Engine Fitter
Engineer & Dealer In Machinery
Engineer Erector At Works
Asst Chaplain Dulwich College
Farmer Of 18 Acres
Farmers Wife
Apprentice Boat Builder
Boot & Shoemaker
Cab Driver
Candidate For Medical (Scholar)
Captain 35 Regt Of Foot (Active Duty)
Carpenter Master Employing 4 Men
Cattle Dealer
Cattle Dealers Garthman
Cattle Dealers Garthman Wife
Certificated Schoolmaster
Chemists Assistant
Clergymans Wife
Clerk In Bank
Clerk In Holy Orders
Clerk In Mert Office
Clerk Under Article (Law)
Clothiers Assistant
Clothing Cutter