Burnyeat in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Burnyeat
William Burnyeat
Joseph Burnyeat
Thomas Burnyeat
Alfred Burnyeat
Peter Burnyeat
Jonathan Burnyeat
George Burnyeat
Daniel Burnyeat
Philip Burnyeat
Myles Burnyeat
Harold Burnyeat
Ernest Burnyeat
Andrew Burnyeat
Thos.B. Burnyeat
Richard Burnyeat
Miles Burnyeat
Harry Burnyeat

Top female forenames

Sarah Burnyeat
Jane Burnyeat
Mary Burnyeat
Elizabeth Burnyeat
Isabel Burnyeat
Emily Burnyeat
Frances Burnyeat
Betsy Burnyeat
Rebecca Burnyeat
Hannah Burnyeat
Esther Burnyeat
Rhoda Burnyeat
Nellie Burnyeat
Margaret Burnyeat

Top occupations

Land Owner (No Occ)
Ship Store Merchant (Chandler)
Butchers Wife
Railway Pointsman
Apprentice To Butchering
Store Boy (Fuel Lab) (E M B M)
Ship Store Merchants Wife
Ship Store Merchants Daur
Ship Store Merchant Chandler
Bankers Clerk
Shepherds Daur
Boot Shoe Dealer
Railway Signalman
Farmer Sister
No Occupation
Master Marriner Retired
Late A Station Master
Farmer 173 Acres
Iron Ore Proprietor & Shipowner
Farmer of 730 Acres employing 10 laborers & 2 boys
General Labourer
Gen Lab
Farmers Wife