Burnaby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Burnaby
Thomas Burnaby
Robert Burnaby
John Burnaby
Charles Burnaby
Chas. Burnaby
Algernon Burnaby
Alexander Burnaby
Ralph Burnaby
J. Burnaby
George Burnaby
Evelyn Burnaby
Walter Burnaby
Alfred Burnaby
Sherard Burnaby
Richard Burnaby
Nathaniel Burnaby
J.F. Burnaby
Harold Burnaby
Frederick Burnaby

Top female forenames

Mary Burnaby
Emily Burnaby
Constance Burnaby
Alice Burnaby
Elizabeth Burnaby
Ann Burnaby
Harriett Burnaby
Adelaide Burnaby
Fredica Burnaby
A.B.J. Burnaby
Rose Burnaby
Esther Burnaby
Phillis Burnaby
Maud Burnaby
Charlotte Burnaby
Margaret Burnaby
Beatrice Burnaby
Louisa Burnaby
Anna Burnaby
Henrietta Burnaby
Gertrude Burnaby
Ada Burnaby
Sarah Burnaby
Ethel Burnaby
Rita Burnaby
Emma Burnaby
Minnie Burnaby
Matilda Burnaby
Christina Burnaby
Marian Burnaby
Catherine Burnaby
Lucy Burnaby
Anne Burnaby
Kitty Burnaby

Top occupations

Shoe Machinist
Late Officer Of The Army
Wife Of T F Burnaby (Absent)
Leather Goods Brace Manufacturer
Locomotive Engine Cleaner (Rly....)
Lt Col Royal Horse Guards Active List
Major Gen Royal Engineers Action List
No Occ
Plain Needlewoman
Rector Of Bomrow On The Hill (Leicestershire)
Shopkeeper (Groceries Etc)
Solicitors Wife
Superannuated C Service Clerks Daur
Ag Labourer
Domestic Servt
Barrister At Law In Practice
Boot Maker
Clerk In Holy Orders
Clerk Of The Peace For Notts
Commission Agents Wife
Daughter Of Baron Erskine
Late Clerk Of Police Court
Dress Maker
Farmer 540 A 13 Men & 6 Boys
Garden Porter
Householder Income Dividns
Land Owner
Landed Proprietor