Burlingham in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Burlingham
John Burlingham
William Burlingham
Henry Burlingham
Charles Burlingham
Wm. Burlingham
Joseph Burlingham
Geo. Burlingham
Robert Burlingham
Edward Burlingham
Chas. Burlingham
Benj. Burlingham
James Burlingham
Daniel Burlingham
Samuel Burlingham
Gulson Burlingham
Alfred Burlingham
Francis Burlingham
Thomas Burlingham
Harry Burlingham
Frank Burlingham
Thos. Burlingham
Roynan Burlingham
Fredrick Burlingham
Ralph Burlingham
Frederick Burlingham
Jas. Burlingham
Horrace Burlingham
David Burlingham
Walt. Burlingham
Herbert Burlingham
Saml. Burlingham
Robt. Burlingham
G.H. Burlingham
Richd. Burlingham
Fredk. Burlingham
Jeremiah Burlingham
Ernest Burlingham
Edmund Burlingham
Herbt. Burlingham

Top female forenames

Mary Burlingham
Lucy Burlingham
Elizabeth Burlingham
Eliza Burlingham
Emma Burlingham
Hannah Burlingham
Ellen Burlingham
Maria Burlingham
Sarah Burlingham
Ethel Burlingham
Anne Burlingham
Alice Burlingham
Jane Burlingham
Margaret Burlingham
Kate Burlingham
Eliz. Burlingham
Susan Burlingham
Priscilla Burlingham
Ester Burlingham
Amy Burlingham
Elsie Burlingham
Winifred Burlingham
Hetty Burlingham
Edith Burlingham
Harriet Burlingham
Clara Burlingham
Rosa Burlingham
Han. Burlingham
Caroline Burlingham
Rachel Burlingham
Florance Burlingham
Annie Burlingham
Maude Burlingham
Anna Burlingham
Marian Burlingham
Amelia Burlingham
Ellinor Burlingham
Honor Burlingham
Harriett Burlingham
Edeth Burlingham
Rosanna Burlingham
Char. Burlingham
Rebecca Burlingham
Francis Burlingham
Car. Burlingham
Flor. Burlingham

Top occupations

Agri Labourer
Farm Labourer
Farm Labourer Wife
Agri Labourer Wife
Ag Labourer
Corn & Seed Merchant
Iron & Coal Merchant
Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Gen Dealer
Formerly Laundry Woman
General Dom Serv.
General Serv
General Servant
General Servant Domestic
General Servt
Gentleman & J P For Borough Of Evesham (Wood & Coal Merchant)
Glover & Brace Maker
Glover Maker
Grocer Unemployed
House Maid
Wife Butcher
Ironmonger Unemployed
Labourer Agricultural
Labourers Widow
Commercial Traveller (Brewery)
Agr Laborer
Agricl Labourer
Agricultural Engineer Eng Mac Maker (Master Ironmonger)
Agricultural Labourer
Agril Labourer
Coal Carter
Fulling Miller
Dom Servant
Farm Bailiff
Farm Bailiff Daughter
Farm Bailiff Wife
Farmer (Of 250 Acres Employing 8 Men & 3 Boys)
Farmers Wife
Agr Laborer Wife