Burleton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Robert Burleton
John Burleton
Henry Burleton
George Burleton
Alfred Burleton
Wm. Burleton
Walter Burleton
Herbert Burleton
Harry Burleton
Edwin Burleton
William Burleton
Theodore Burleton
Joseph Burleton
James Burleton

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Burleton
Martha Burleton
Kate Burleton
Jane Burleton
Florence Burleton
Mary Burleton
Ellen Burleton
Edith Burleton
Susan Burleton
Caroline Burleton
Maude Burleton
Alice Burleton
Margaret Burleton
Valentine Burleton
Clara Burleton
Sarah Burleton
Blanche Burleton
Maria Burleton
Lenora Burleton
Jenny Burleton
Grace Burleton

Top occupations

House Decorator
No Occupation
Licensed Victualls
Cook Serv Dom
Retired Wine Mer
Railway Clerk
Painter (House)
Occupier Of Farm 200 Acres Innkeeper & Miller Employing 6 Men
Custom House London
Carries On Business Of Home Decorator
General Domestic Servant
Farm Wife
Farm Son
Farm Manager & Miller
Farm Labourer
Farm Daur
Engraver (W)