Burkill in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Burkill
John Burkill
William Burkill
Thomas Burkill
James Burkill
Arthur Burkill
Joseph Burkill
Henry Burkill
Robert Burkill
Fred. Burkill
Alfred Burkill
Herbert Burkill
Albert Burkill
Walter Burkill
Charles Burkill
Edwd. Burkill
Geo. Burkill
Batty Burkill
Frederick Burkill
Edward Burkill
Isaac Burkill
Sidney Burkill
Benjamin Burkill
Augustus Burkill
Park Burkill
Ernest Burkill
Zara Burkill
Abraham Burkill
J.B. Burkill
Edmund Burkill
Tom Burkill
David Burkill
Sydney Burkill
Harry Burkill
Christopher Burkill
Samuel Burkill
H. Burkill
C. Burkill
Richard Burkill
Peter Burkill
Francis Burkill
Jesse Burkill
Edwin Burkill
Wm. Burkill
J.H. Burkill
Edmd. Burkill
Clifford Burkill
Harold Burkill
Philip Burkill
Fredrick Burkill

Top female forenames

Mary Burkill
Elizabeth Burkill
Sarah Burkill
Annie Burkill
Ann Burkill
Emma Burkill
Ellen Burkill
Florence Burkill
Eliza Burkill
Alice Burkill
Edith Burkill
Lily Burkill
Maud Burkill
Martha Burkill
Hannah Burkill
Minnie Burkill
Jane Burkill
Anne Burkill
Amy Burkill
Rebbeca Burkill
Leah Burkill
Polly Burkill
Ada Burkill
Laura Burkill
Mirriam Burkill
Jesse Burkill
Eliz. Burkill
Henrietta Burkill
Winifred Burkill
Harriett Burkill
Susan Burkill
Clara Burkill
Margeret Burkill
Lucy Burkill
Rose Burkill
Louisa Burkill
Fanny Burkill
Rosabella Burkill
Amelia Burkill
Lillie Burkill
Emily Burkill
Rebacca Burkill
Agnes Burkill
Lavinia Burkill
Elizebeth Burkill
Nora Burkill
Kezia Burkill
Edna Burkill
Harriette Burkill
Violet Burkill

Top occupations

Farm Servant (Indoor)
Blacksmith Master Employing 1 Man
Blacksmiths Apprentice
Farm Bailiff
General Labourer
Cotton Reeler
Furniture Dealer
Farmer 157 Acres 4 Men
Farmer 200 Acres Employ 2 Men 4 Boys
Farmer 523 Acres Employing 10 Men
Farmer 8 Acres
Farmer Of 5 Acres
Farmer Son
Farmers Assistant (Ag Lab)
Formerly Farmer
Ag Labourers Wife
Gen Lab
Groom & Ag Serv
Groom (Dom)
Grooms Gardner (Dom)
Appr To Coppersmith
Corn Factor
Appr To Iron Moulder
Boiler Maker
Clock Maker
Coal Agent
Coal Dealer Retired
Coal Porter
Cook Domestic Serv
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Corn Merchant
Cotton Baller
Cotton Dyer
Cotton Winder
Dress Maker
6th Officer
Engine Fitter