Britain in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Britain
Joseph Britain
John Britain
Thomas Britain
George Britain
Wm. Britain
Alfred Britain
Edward Britain
Arthur Britain
Albert Britain
Frank Britain
Obadiah Britain
James Britain
Herbert Britain
Frederick Britain
Stephen Britain
Jabez Britain
Henry Britain
Walter Britain
Geo. Britain
Samuel Britain
Ezra Britain
Ebenezer Britain
Levi Britain
Chas. Britain
Jonathan Britain
Benjamin Britain
Titus Britain
Francis Britain
Paul Britain
Marriott Britain
David Britain
C. Britain

Top female forenames

Mary Britain
Sarah Britain
Martha Britain
Kate Britain
Ellen Britain
Elizabeth Britain
Alice Britain
Emma Britain
Margaret Britain
Ann Britain
Hannah Britain
Sushannah Britain
Catherine Britain
Harriet Britain
Jane Britain
Charlotte Britain
Minnie Britain
Esther Britain
Margret Britain
Ada Britain
Katherine Britain
Eleno Britain
Jessie Britain
Clara Britain
Sarrah Britain
Henrietta Britain
Rose Britain
Caterin Britain
Phoebe Britain
Gertrude Britain
Annie Britain
Meggie Britain
Eva Britain
Ester Britain
Agnes Britain
Margeret Britain
Emily Britain
Lilan Britain
Edith Britain
Susanna Britain
Helena Britain
Catharine Britain
Rebecca Britain
Caroline Britain
Frances Britain
Anne Britain

Top occupations

Mechl Toy Maker
Milliner Dressmaker
Coal Miner
Paper Hanger
Brass Finisher
No Occupation
Goldsmith & Jeweller
Formerly Cordwainer
Farmer Of 25 Acres
Farmer 46 Acres
Farmer & Miller Wife
Farmer & Miller
Farmer & Dealer 60 Acres
Clothier Cutter
Institute Porter
Housekeeper (Dom S)
General Servant (Dom)
General Servant
General Serv
General Labourer
Gen Lab (Out Of Employ)
Gds Text Fancy Business
Gasfitter And Bellhanger Journeym
Gardener (Dom)
Errand Boy
Engine Fitter
Cab Proprietor & Driver
Cab Driver
Bookkeeper Out Of Employ (Clerk)
Book Folder
Beer Retailer
Toothbrush Drawer
Chemist Clerk Unemployed
Clerk In Post Office Savings Bank
Dress Maker
Domestic Servt
Domestic Servant (Housemaid)
Domestic Servant
Corn Miller
Coal Miner (Disabled)